Western Railway completes major yard remodelling works at Mahim

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Another major infra work of removing operational bottleneck and upgrading the speed has been completed in Western Railway by remodelling of Mahim yard. Western Railway has again converted crisis into opportunity and achieved speed relaxation and enhancement of safety in Mahim yard. WR had taken up this project in March 2021 and completed it in record time, while overcoming various operational and resource constraints.

  • It is yet another achievement by the Mumbai Division of Western Railway.
  • As per the release issued by Shri Sumit Thakur- CPRO of WR, the works of remodelling of Mahim stabling yard involved easing of very sharp curvature at 4 locations, which required extensive skewing of track, relocation of overhead pipeline bridge, rerouting of RCC drains, dismantling of 3 points and o­ne crossover.

  • Some of the major works carried out were:-
    • Overhead MCGM water supply pipeline was discontinued and an alternate arrangement made with the help of MCGM hydraulic department.
    • Water pipe, carriers for water pipe and columns were dismantled by cutting, with the help of heavy loading capacity crane and gas cutters.
    • R.C.C casing of water pipe was removed which was done with the help of heavy machineries like JCB, Breaker and Hydra.
    • Dismantling of R.C.C drain and boundary wall
    • Redesigning of 4 curves were also done.
    • UP harbour platform was cut in steps to reduce the degree of curve inside the platform without any repercussion to traffic.
    • Shifting of point was undertaken, resulting in reduction in curve curvature.
    • Dismantling of some points and cross overs was done, while some cross overs have been realigned.
    • Seepage of sewage water from nearby slums has been stopped by providing R.C.C drain along the track.
  • The project of Mahim yard remodelling was completed at a cost of Rs 2.44 Cr.


  • Shri Thakur said that Mahim stabling yard was utilised for stabling of Central Railway EMU rakes.
  • The early morning trains from Bandra for CSMT used to originate from this yard.
  • After the commission of new harbour lines and stabling yard in 2016, due to track geometry constraints, movement in stabling line was discontinued and some speed restrictions were imposed, hence stabling line in Mahim yard was lying dysfunctional.

  • Since then two pairs of Central Railway services scheduled for stabling in Mahim yard is being cancelled due to non availability of stabling facilities.
  • Mumbai Division took up this challenging work of yard remodelling, inspite of several site constraints like dismantling of overhead MCGM water pipeline, dismantling of R.C.C drain and boundary wall and slewing of track to desired curvature etc.
  • The site was a heavy encroachment area and required cleaning using JCB, dumpers etc.

Benefits after remodelling of Mahim yard:

  • The remodelling of Mahim yard will go a long way in improving movement of traffic.
  • Due to this work, the temporary speed restrictions have been relaxed i.e o­n UP harbour line in Mahim North yard the speed has been increased from 20 kmph to 35 kmph.
  • Also the speed restriction has been increased from 35 kmph to 50 kmph in Down harbour line in Mahim South yard.
  • The overall track parameters and running of UP harbour and cross overs have considerably improved.
  • Stabling line in Mahim yard which was closed earlier can now stable three 12 car rakes.
  • The two pairs of Central Railway services which had to be cancelled because of the non-availability of stabling facilities, will be restored.
  • Moreover with the improved alignment the speed of trains while entering and departing Mahim station will improve o­n the UP harbour line towards Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.
  • This feat has been achieved under the able guidance of Divisional Railway Manager, Mumbai Centraland Track Maintenanceteam under Divisional Engineer -South Mumbai.

Source: Western Railway-Press Release | Main Image Credit (representational): MoR

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