Metro Rail project in Gorakhpur to cost Rs. 4,100 crore

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The metro rail in Gorakhpur will have two corridors and 27 stations. The construction of the proposed Rs. 4,100 crore metro project will begin in the city after the Centre’s approval. The LMRC (Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation), on 29 Aug 2019, surveyed metro routes in the city.

More Information:

  • During the survey, the LMRC took note of the difficulties being faced in metro construction, officials said.
  • Its commissioner and the Gorakhpur Development Authority (GDA) vice chairman also held a meeting on the issues.
  • LMRC Director Kumar Keshav and Chief Engineer Ravi Jain visited the metro route with PWD engineers.
  • The officials inspected the routes from Mohaddipur to the railway station, Gorakhnath temple gate to Bargadwa and Shyam Nagar, Gulriha to Transport Nagar via Asurn.
  • It is proposed that the metro will run in Gorakhpur on pillars with 2 metres width and the proposed distance between the pillars is 27 metres.
  • It will be difficult to construct pillars on a four-lane road.
  • Mr. Keshav said,”Engineers will try to find an alternative so that metro pillars can be made without any hindrance along with the four-lane road’s construction.”
  • A four-lane road is under construction on the metro route between Shyam Nagar and Divyanagar and construction has been completed between Mohaddipur and Gurung Tiraha.
  • Construction for the road is underway between Gurung Tiraha and Suba Bazar.

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