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Gaurav Kejriwal,
Highness Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd.

Highness Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd. specializes in Digital Imaging solution such as Flat-Panel Displays, Display Controllers, Touch Screens etc for industry verticals such as Industrial Automation, Medical & Healthcare, Surveillance & Defence, Transportation and Broadcasting & Media. Transportation sector is the most focussed area for us in terms of research & innovation. This is also the reason why HighnessMicro is committed to investing more and more to accomplish ‘Make In India’ program in true sense. Our utmost goal has been to reduce import dependencies and build locally as much as possible. The right mix for this approach comes from in-house R&D as well as Design capabilities. The state of art team ensures display products are designed & developed to suit Indian conditions. From challenging environmental conditions to the very rugged nature of Indian Railways our displays suit & match local specifications better than all others and which also the reason why our approach towards vertical integration of our offerings has carved a niche for us.

Transportation being one of the several other domains we offer displays for, is the utmost important segment because we strongly believe Indian Railways is at the cusp of extreme modernization and will soon be ready to match global standards. The on-going revolution in Indian Railways is on the back-drop of local manufacturing and our quest to indigenize Displays is to support this momentum.

HighnessMicro has executed Display projects involving RTTS System in Locos, Dynamic Route Maps (DRM) in Metro Cars, Passenger Information System (PIS/PAPIS) for passenger coaches, AFC for Metro Fare Gates, Ticket Vending kiosks at train stations.

Whether it is Stretched / Bar type Displays or High Brightness Sunlight-Readable Displays for outdoor usage, HighnessMicro has in-house expertise to design, develop, integrate, assemble & manufacture these displays locally. Dual-sided Displays for Windows is an example of our in-house innovative expertise that we developed here.

Enhancing Displays’ specifications as part of our ‘Display Enhancement Technique’ includes features such as Vandal- proofing, Optical-bonding, Backlight redesign to increase lifetime & ruggedizing to make displays withstand wide-operating temperature are the examples that exhibit our in-depth technical know-how with displays.

We have seen this technology evolve and mature from a very nascent to this advanced stage today. This journey has enriched our knowledge-base and helped us to develop better understanding of this technology as a whole.

This is the reason why HighnessMicro is committed to invest more on further R&D and Design-oriented development of localized Displays for not only Indian market but also overseas.

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