Nagpur Metro using Appitrack Technology for track laying process

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Nagpur: Maha Metro Nagpur is using Appitrack Technology for track laying process. Ballast less track installation by Appitrack Technology is a Bottom-up methodology allowing automatic insertion of base plates and dowels into the fresh concrete layer. Once the slab cured, the rails are installed and welded, adjusted and fastened.

Advantages of Appitrack:

  • Appitrack for metro can lay up to Maximum of 200 meters of track per day in tunnels, on viaduct or at ground level
  • Due to the specific track laying methodology: no rear works, cleaning, final adjustment required. When casting is done, track is 75% ready.
  • Reduced footprint guaranteed, as well as a high degree of operational reliability
  • Simplifying and automating tasks keeps the construction site clean and improves health and safety conditions

Source: Nagpur Metro

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