NHSRCL plans three maintenance depots for Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train

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The NHSRCL said that it has planned three maintenance depots along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor wherein the Sabarmati depot for Bullet Train will be the largest depot with an area of about 80 ha. The three depots will be at Sabarmati & Surat in Gujarat and Thane in Mumbai.

More Information:

  • The Sabarmati depot will be the largest depot or the mother depot with an area of about 80 ha.
  • The NHSRCL said that the depot will have state-of-the-art equipment for regular maintenance of trains with inspection bays, washing plant, workshop, sheds, stabling lines etc.
  • The Operation Control Centre for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad line will also be housed in this depot.
  • Thane depot will spread over in an area of about 60 ha and will have similar facilities for the upkeep of the trains.
  • Another functional depot is being planned in Surat with an area of 44 ha.
  • This depot will receive the trains from Japan and will have basic facilities for the train maintenance.
  • The depots are being designed, based on the experience of Sendai and Kanazawa depots of Shinkansen, in Japan.
  • Train Inspection equipment will be designed for ensuring safe and comfortable high-speed running.

Salient features of the Green depots:

  • The depots have been designed with Optimum utilization of available land in consideration of present requirements and future expansion.
  • The layout of the different facilities in Depot will provide for proper sequence and efficient work flow.
  • Depots will provide a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment for the staff with wide, obstruction free pathways and decks.
  • The travel distances for men and material in the normal course of Depot operations will be as short as possible.
  • Location of each machine will be decided with due care based on smooth flow of work and adequate working space around machines will be provided.
  • Natural lighting provisions with adequate Ventilation will be provided.
  • Sheds / buildings will be designed for installation of solar panels.
  • Depots will be designed in consideration of noise control, dust suppression and proper ventilation to provide healthy working environment.
  • Depots will ensure Zero leakage pipelines and fittings.
  • Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants will be established.
  • Garbage collection, segregation and compaction.
  • Modern material handling and storage systems (with inventory management) will be created for smooth running of the trains.

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