Railways Introduces Head-On-Generation (HOG) system in Trains

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Head o­n Generation system, a new technology has been introduced in Telangana Express which is started on 07th August 2019 for catering the power needs of the coaches such as coach lighting and Air conditioning.

Earlier, there were two power cars known as End o­n Generators (EOG) are available o­n both the ends of Telangana Express for providing lighting and air conditioning in the coaches. These power cars produce electricity by diesel generator for supplying to coaches. Each power car required 40 litres of diesel per hours per non ac coach and around 65 to 70 litres of diesel per hour per coach in case of AC coach.

In order to lessen diesel consumption and carbon footprint, a state-of-the-art new technology Head o­n Generation (HOG) system has been introduced in Telangana Express. So far, the power supply tapped from power lines through pantograph to the train engine is used o­nly to run the engine and haul the coaches. Now in this new system power supply tapped from overhead to the train engine will be distributed to the trailing coaches.

This new system does not require any diesel oil consumption and as such will reduces air pollution and also noise pollution. In addition, it also provides uninterrupted illumination in the coaches. o­n an average it will reduce carbon emission by 700 MT per year per train in regular practice for a train provided with two power cars equipped with diesel alternator sets.

The average expenditure incurred o­n fuel consumption per trip per each train of Telangana Express is around Rs 2 lakhs. Whereas the electrical energy consumption cost per trip per train in the new system is around Rs. 78,000/-. The estimated savings for each trip of Telangana Express is approximately Rs 1.22 lakh and the overall estimated savings per year is around Rs. 1.35 crore.

All the existing Telangana Express trains will now run o­n Head o­n Generation System. Two more trains namely Train No. 22707/22708 Visakhapatnam- Tirupati- Visakhapatnam Express and Train No. 22705/22706 Tirupati – Jammutawi -Tirupati Humsafar Express are also running with the new technology of Head o­n Generation system from South Central Railway.

Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, South Central Railway appreciated the efforts of staff and officers of SCR o­n this achievement and advised to extend the same for some more trains to adopt environmentally friendly initiatives by reducing carbon foot prints and also fuel consumption measures.

Source: South Central Railway

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