South Central Railway e-files generation doubled in 5 months with digitization of office working

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To achieve greater efficiency, productivity and transparency amongst the workforce, Indian Railways has taken a giant leap towards digitalisation. South Central Railway has always been in the forefront in adopting digital initiatives. SCR is the first zone among Indian Railways to take up the Paperless working system e-office, in collaboration with Rail Tel, and the same has been rolled out across all the Zones in a phased manner. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic which has resulted in nationwide lockdown has further pushed up the need of digital platform usage in place of manual filing system to minimize physical contacts in workplace. The implementation of e-office over the SCR has picked up pace during this period and this has helped SCR officials & workforce in various administrative buildings, Workshops etc to continue their working remotely even during lockdown and provide better service to passengers. 

  • The number of digital files in the various offices of the Zone on NIC e-office platform, implemented by RailTel, has doubled during the past 5 months period i.e., April to August 2020. 
  • Before lockdown the number of e-files generated by SCR was 48790 and at the end of August, 2020, the number of e-files created by users of SCR has increased to 105505. 
  • The numbers of e-receipts generated by users of SCR have also doubled during this period.
  • As much as 564 new users were added into e-office platforms in the past four months to ease out the work. 
  • South Central Railway is on a fast track in adapting paperless office culture with usage of digital filing. 
  • This will not only save operational cost but also reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Due to availability of e-office, majority of file work in the Zone is being carried out smoothly without physical presence in offices which is a boon in a time of crisis. 
  • RailTel has also provided Virtual Private Network connections to Railway officials for enabling them to process the file works remotely. 
  • Quick disposal of files and systematic, timely monitoring of pending files are some of the other immediate advantages of NIC e-office. 
  • Railway officials have also been provided with rigorous training by RailTel teams to handle e-office platforms efficiently, training videos are uploaded on Youtube so that the users can get a grip on the usage of e-office. 
  • The officials and staff have been advised to give up the habit of using manual file systems and for smooth and hassle-free working in e-office module, a helpdesk has been set up to assist the users in case of any trouble in using the system. 
  • RailTel Corporation of India is one of the largest neutral telecom services providers in the country and is implementing the NIC e-office suite for Indian Railways in a phased manner.
  • All over IR, currently there are 110652 users in 106 units of Indian Railways and by end of August 2020, a total number of 2317724 e-receipts and 682713 e-files had been created. 
  • Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, SCR has expressed his satisfaction over the implementation of e-Office over the Zone. 
  • He stated that SCR is the first zone on IR to implement e-office and appreciated by staff and officers who got quickly adapted to the new working system and delivering effective results of the e-office working system. 
  • He also stated that during the pandemic times due to effective implementation of e-office on the zone, the workflow was on the regular pace without any hitch. 

Source: South Central Railway-Press Release 

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