African Ports Evolution – West Africa

The 2017 edition of AFRICAN PORTS EVOLUTION – WEST AFRICA will give coastal and hinterland stakeholders proven, future-proofed solutions and alternatives for demand driven port expansion to enable better planning for infrastructure development. Participants will take home solutions and alternatives that can be used to aid in the modernisation of their facilities, boost the integrity of their operations and make informed assessments as to whether to rehabilitate existing facilities or expand infrastructure.
The key driver for this forum is to enable and facilitate African solutions for African challenges and present and encourage the business case for a single window system. ​

AFRICAN PORTS EVOLUTION – WEST AFRICA is designed to provide an intensive and focused one-stop-shop for the region’s maritime sector. Expect all the latest trends, technology solutions and project updates at your fingertips. This interactive and innovative forum will enable learning, knowledge-sharing and bench-marking of best practice to maximise port through-put. The conference assists the West African maritime sector to remain adaptable, motivated and responsive as an industry, with the ultimate goal of promoting dialogue between government and the private sector and enhancing collaboration between inter-regional partnership and joint ventures.


Panel discussions & round tables cover the following topics:

  • Enhancing port competitiveness while driving port collaboration
  • Understanding the benefits of the Port-City Nexus: why ports should create reciprocal synergies with their surrounding communities
  • Using IT solutions to drive port efficiency, optimisation and cost control
  • Developing a single vision strategy for the West African region by establishing a data matrix for each port
  • Promoting international trade through enhanced port safety and security
  • Solving local capacity and skills gaps in the sector
  • Turning environmental impact challenges into opportunities

Currently port competitiveness in the region and the greater African continent are at a tipping point, with the number of expansion and developmental projects taking place. At African Ports Evolution – West Africa, you will hear up-to-date information about port projects and the most successful ports in the region.

African Ports Evolution – West Africa
Venue: Accra, Ghana
Dates: 5-6  Sept
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