Kanpur metro advances: Track laid from Nayaganj to Chunniganj, casting underway to McRobertganj

Track construction on the ‘UP-Line’ from Nayaganj to Chunniganj metro station has been completed, marking significant progress in the Kanpur Metro Rail Project. Currently, casting of the track slab is underway from Chunniganj to the McRobertganj ramp area, further advancing this important urban infrastructure initiative.

More Details:

The Kanpur Metro Rail Project, overseen by the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC), achieves a significant milestone with the completion of track construction on the ‘UP-Line’ from Nayaganj to Chunniganj metro station. Casting of the track slab begins from Chunniganj to the McRobertganj ramp area, signalling further progress in the project’s development.

Image Credit (representational): UPMRC

At Chunniganj:

  • Chunniganj station is an underground station of Type IID. The station is located in the vicinity of the bus terminal and college under the Mall Road.
  • The station box of 22m x 223m consists of station operational, functional, public and non-public areas with two ancillary structures planned to accommodate the ECS Plant Rooms, Chiller rooms, UG Tanks and DG Sets.
  • Two banks of stairs and escalators are proposed to meet the emergency scenario. Two sets of entrances have been planned to bring the passengers to the station and suitably located to address the local area requirements.
  • The station shall be constructed by cut and cover method. The station is approached by station entrances located suitably considering the catchment areas and surroundings.

Image Credit: UPMRC

At Nayaganj:

  • The station is located within the thickly built up area surrounding commercial land use. There is no area available for the construction of the station box by cut and cover method.
  • To avoid the large-scale displacement or relocation of people and land acquisition, a bored tunnel station is proposed. The station will be of Type IIC as described earlier.
  • The tunnels are proposed to be constructed by NATM method. Each tunnel is wide enough to accommodate a platform and a rail track.
  • The approach to platforms is designed through two vertical shafts where the staircase and escalators are placed. The station operational areas are also planned in these shafts.

Source: UPMRC | Featured Image Credit: UPMRC