Maha Metro awards major tender to Colossus Infra for Nagpur Metro Phase-2 electrical and mechanical works

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL), a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Maharashtra, has selected M/s Colossus Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. to perform the electrical and mechanical (E&M) works for stations and depots of the Nagpur Metro Phase-2 project.

More Details:

  • Tender Number: N2-027/E&M02/2023
  • Name of the Work: Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical and Mechanical E and M works of 12 nos. of Stations in Reach-2 extension and 2 nos. of Depots under Nagpur Metro Rail Project Phase 2.
  • Tender Awarded Value: INR 61,57,35,564.36/-
  • Work Completion Period: 900 Days

Scope of Works:

Contractor will be responsible for providing a complete workable E&M, Fire Fighting and Fire Suppression system, VAC system, DG Sets and BMS/SCADA systems , as per BOQ and detailed technical specifications enclosed, including necessary Interfacing with the other contractors (Civil works, S&T, Traction etc.).

Contractor will be responsible for preparation of Shop drawings. Obtaining various statutory approvals CEIG (Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt. of India) approval for various Electrical Installations for energising the system, Local Fire Authority clearance and No Objection Certificate for energising complete Fire protection system including Fire Fighting ,detection and Fire suppression systems and Water supply & sewage with Nagpur Municipal corporation.

  • The work includes providing training of approx. 7 trainer days to NMRCL staff for each of the E&M Systems, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm Annunciation system, Air-Conditioning system, DG Sets and BMS/SCADA etc. along with training documents / soft copies of training manuals.
  • Contractor will maintain all the systems in a comprehensive manner including all kinds of spares and consumables without any extra cost during the Defect Liability period of 2 years from the date of taking over.
  • Equipment/material approval proposals shall be supported with the compliance of Specifications, Standards & BOQ by the Contractor.
  • The proposals shall be submitted with the Manufacture drawings bill of material and the G.T.P (Guaranteed Technical Particular) of the equipment/material along with the Type test certificates (not more than 5 years old) of the various equipment/ material, as per requirement.
  • All the material shall be inspected by NMRCL representatives prior to dispatch of material.
  • However, the contractor will be fully responsible for compliance of tender specifications and performance of equipment/systems as per tender conditions.

Submittal of Data:

  • The Contractor shall submit to the client / consultant complete information regarding details of materials and equipment involved, prior to any purchase or manufacturing operation.
  • Any purchase or manufacturing operations carried out prior to obtaining approval from the client shall be at the Contractor’s sole responsibility.
  • Information of equipment shall be separately submitted by listing all the details and with attached catalogue indicating at least the model, series, size and performance.
  • Such data shall be in sufficient detail to enable the client / consultant to identify the particular product and to form an opinion to its conformity to the Specification.
  • The Contractor shall stamp the name of his company and sign all documents to be submitted for Notice of No objection.

This project is a significant step in the expansion of Nagpur’s metro infrastructure, aiming to enhance the urban transit system’s efficiency and reliability while adhering to stringent safety and quality standards.

Source: Maha Metro – Tender Update

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