Alstom revolutionises train travel by prioritising passenger comfort and convenience

At Alstom, the passenger experience is approached in a holistic manner and encompasses all elements that will influence the perceptions of the traveller during the whole journey.

More Details:

Alstom is a global rail transport leader, prioritising sustainable mobility and passenger experience. With a team dedicated to innovation, Alstom designs trains and systems that cater to diverse needs, ensuring smooth journeys. Their commitment to eco-friendly solutions and enhanced travel experiences significantly influences the future of public transportation.

What makes Alstom’s passenger experience offer stand out:

  • Integrated Innovation and Passenger Focus: Alstom prioritises simultaneous advancements in train performance and passenger experience, embedding this dual focus into its culture. This approach ensures that every enhancement, from design to functionality, aims to improve how passengers perceive and enjoy their journey.
  • Feedback-Driven Development: By analysing customer surveys and feedback, Alstom identifies current passenger satisfaction levels and future expectations. This feedback informs the development of solutions that not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of travellers.

  • Forward-Looking Strategy: Alstom stays ahead of industry trends by examining macro trends and demographic shifts globally. This foresight allows them to innovate for future mobility demands, ensuring their solutions remain relevant and cutting-edge.
  • Cross-Sectoral Inspiration: Recognizing the interconnectedness of mobility with other aspects of daily life, Alstom draws insights from various fields such as digital technology and aeronautics. This broad perspective enables them to craft comprehensive and innovative transport solutions.

What kind of solutions or services have anticipated in the past and future:

Alstom stays ahead of passenger needs by preemptively integrating features like onboard Wi-Fi and charging stations, anticipating trends before they become mainstream. Now, focusing on the future, Alstom aims to offer personalised onboard environments, allowing passengers to adjust seating, lighting, and climate, reflecting a commitment to enhancing travel experiences through innovation.

Alstom foster and integrate new ideas in passenger solutions projects:

  • Alstom conducted a six-month macro survey, involving worldwide interviews and passenger workshops, to explore new travel scenarios and gather feedback on evolving needs, highlighting the importance of innovation in anticipating passenger preferences.
  • Insights from this research underscored a growing demand for customised experiences, guiding Alstom’s future innovations towards offering tailored travel solutions, such as adaptable train interiors to meet individual passenger needs.

Alstom incorporating sustainability in designing and delivering passenger solutions:

Alstom emphasises sustainability in its passenger solutions, going beyond the use of eco-friendly materials to actively demonstrate their commitment to customers. Collaborative efforts across various teams, particularly between engineering and design, focus on innovations such as sustainable seat materials with enhanced properties like elasticity and self-healing capabilities

Source: Alstom – Press Release | Images Credit: Alstom

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