An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Sanjay Aeron, Director, Geo Constech Pvt Ltd (Asia’s top grouting expert) on 3 grout trends to watch out in 2022!

Interview Insights

Rail Analysis: Please tell us about yourself and your experience in this sector?

Mr. Sanjay Aeron: I am a professional grouting expert with over 25 years of diversified grouting/ tunnelling experience that involves technical, supervisory, administrative, management, and corporate responsibilities in the assessment, assembly, set-up, contracting, managing and consulting at tunnelling project locations across Pan-India’s all terrain locations. With 75+ years of family business legacy experience, I especially worked on challenging and complex water ingress control for tunnels and mines projects in Government sector, restoration of legacy or high significance buildings, soil stabilization and ground refurbishing for foundation strengthening and foundation repairing.



Rail Analysis: How did you get started in this industry? Why are you in the Grouting Space?

Mr. Sanjay Aeron: Since 1996, we were doing government contracts and there were lots of geotechnical challenges like ground was sinking , heavy water inrush and more , and project teams were helpless to consolidate the ground or control heavy water ingress. Cement was the only solution projects used to use, that takes more than 28 days for consolidation. As I frequently visited Europe & Americas, I found good construction at fast pace was happening as they were using latest investigational technologies, creating method statements on that basis, and finally, optimising the execution with the most advanced materials like polyurethanes and injection grouting. In India, this process was restricted to specialized projects-merely one or two at that time. So, I decided to bring the advanced technology in India and we partnered with one of the pioneers at that time. It was indeed a great emotional investment.

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Focus was to up the level of grouting in India competitive to Europe’s technology. But was heartbroken soon ,as our overseas partner were trying to only sell their products which were not compatible for our terrain and geological conditions. So, saying goodbye to them and building R & D team at our end to elevate the construction industry. So, I created a manufacturing facility to make speedy good construction which can handle all possible technical challenges. We have been blessed by senior technical minds of our times that belonged to premier engineering institutes from world over including our own IITs in India. Their handholding to support our cause to contribute to Grouting Space of India is matchless.

We’ve been developing new products and giving customized solutions to the projects or the need since 2012. And I’m glad to say that all our projects , means 100% of the projects has been done with a success track. Today 83% of my clients are our repeat clients. We have served 97 projects and 180 kilometres of tunnelling for water ingress control and cavity fillings.



Rail Analysis: What is the secret of success behind Geo Constech’s tremendous market share?

Mr. Sanjay Aeron: There are many secretes that make it a huge success.

First of all, we have invested heavily in the state-of-the-art suite of software to design work methodologies and running the simulations. Second, we have strong skilled team , as 60% of our total work force ,belongs to premier engineering institutes & that undergoes regular training to upgrade their skills matching to world’s latest technology . Our R& D centre is focussed at delivering every project as a unique requirement for ultra-specific needs. For such customized projects, the herculean task is to manufacture with precision to comply standard protocol. We are pioneers here.

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Rail Analysis: Please share in which areas do you specialise for this sector?

Mr. Sanjay Aeron: In fact, successful grouting is not a chemical supplier or basic engineering rather it is a highly specialised amalgamation of six branches of engineering, namely-civil, mechanical, geotechnical, chemical, geology and hydrology including fluid mechanics and rock mechanics. Besides this, we are proficient in dealing –

  • Challenging situations involving water inflows and cavity formations
  • Water ingress control for tunnels and underground mines
  • Foundation grouting for dams and cut-off walls
  • Soil stabilization and ground improvement
  • Strategic industrial and execution hurdles
  • Trouble-shooting complex and difficult projects
  • Grouting technology transfer and personnel training

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Rail Analysis: What trends seems to be unfolding in coming years and what are your suggestions to address these trends?

Mr. Sanjay Aeron: A. Smart & Big corporations are fast realizing that chemical buying or hiring amateur contractors is Not Working as they both fail in project delivery. My expert opinion is that Focus shall be on result grouting instead of buying chemicals or relying on third-party contractors

B. Market leaders are looking for time-tested performer that has expertise, infrastructure, and proven capability to deliver in-time and in-budget project delivery successfully My expert opinion is that Give work to only strong foundation set-up who has all functional parameters to deliver under any crisis and challenges and access to the World’s best resources

C. Grouting Projects, being legacy tasks, need Strategic Planning at first place by some expert at it. My expert opinion is that Key is to associate with a strategic partner as every core infrastructure project holds high-value and time sensitivity quotient that can’t afford to be a test ground



Rail Analysis: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Mr. Sanjay Aeron: I am always open to work on any innovative project related to grouting if someone offers it as challenge. I suggest to contact me over Skype or Zoom for detailed discussion on Grout Trends and other aspects of Grouting ecosystem to fast the result.

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I have summarized my experiences and offered perfect solutions to challenges with valuable insights about future in my upcoming book ” Modern Grouting 2.0 “. Those who are interested in learning new trends may reach out to me for their free copy and share home or office address so that I manage to deliver it there.

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