Angelique International Ltd.’s foray into Railway Sector Business

  • The driver display unit is a terminal device designed to work as a Man-Machine Interface as per specification CLW/3/0487/C. Extensively used in railways this device communicates various parameters along with faults in time to the Driver. This device is a vital part of the engine which acts as a feedback to the driver with real-time values. Having an LCD display programmed to display various parameters along with graphics and easy navigation for the drive. The driver through high tactile buttons can navigate through different screens on the display which are predesigned as per the requirement. Compatible with WAG 9/WAP 7/WAP 5 locomotives of Indian railways this device communicates with the controlling system of the engine to show the real time values.
  • The communication is established through MVB and RS 422 interface adhering to the Railways standards. The predefined screens help the technical team for online monitoring and default screen is designed particularly to display the necessary parameters to the driver. Considering the critical application of Railways the unit is designed with resistance to high voltage and harmonic interference. Circuits inbuilt are designed to protect the unit from any harmful external interference.

Dedicated Screens to show important parameters on Driver display unit

  1. Subsystem status
  2. High voltage circuit
  3. Aux converter
  4. Traction motor
  5. Temperature
  1. Route map
  2. Driver details
  3. Braking system
  4. Traction circuit
  5. Aux system
  1. Pressure
  2. Speed restriction
  3. I/O signals

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.