Chennai Metro launches MTC Minibus and Mauto Pride electric three wheeler services for enhance last mile connectivity

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) is excited to announce the launch of two new services, the MTC Minibus (Route S70K) and Mauto Pride (LEGGO) Electric Three-wheeler service, aimed at providing seamless first and last mile connectivity for commuters using the Thirumangalam Metro Station.

More Details:

  • The launch of the services was inaugurated by Mr. Rajesh Chaturvedi, Director (Systems and Operations) of CMRL, in the presence of CMRL officials.
  • These Metro Connect Services are another example of CMRL’s ongoing commitment to improving commuter experiences and encouraging more people to utilise the metro service for their daily transportation needs.
  • With the introduction of these services, commuters can conveniently travel from the Thirumangalam Metro Station to their desired destinations within the vicinity.

  • The Mauto Pride (LEGGO) Electric Three-wheeler service consists of 10 electric three-wheelers available at the Thirumangalam Metro Station. These vehicles offer last mile connectivity on a walk-in basis at a cost of Rs. 25 per kilometre.
  • MTC Minibus (Route S70K) operates between Thirumangalam and Korattur Water Canal Road, covering key locations such as Anna Nagar West Depot, Padi Saravana Stores, Bhaktavatsalam Memorial College for Women, Korattur Bus Stand, Korattur Railway Station, and vice versa. This meticulously planned route was intended to cater to the residents’ commuting demands.
  • The launch of the Mauto Pride (LEGGO) Electric Three-wheeler service and MTC Minibus Route S70K emphasises CMRL’s on-going commitment to improving first and last mile connectivity options for metro passengers.

Source: CMRL- Press Release | Images Credit: Chennai Metro

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