Collaborative Efforts: Patna Metro and Traffic Police Unite for Safe Traffic Flow During Ongoing Construction

In a joint endeavour, the Patna Metro Rail Project and Traffic Police are working hand in hand to guarantee secure and efficient traffic management on National Highways/Bypass during the construction of the metro project.

More Details:

A joint site visit cum inspection was done by the Patna Metro Rail Project’s Director-2 Shri Ajay kumar, Traffic SP, Patna, Shri P.K. Jha, Traffic DSP and DMRC officials and NCCL’s team for safe & smooth traffic movement on NH/bypass road. The joint inspection was done in view of the ongoing erection activities on NH near Bhootnath. The discussion of the visit are as follows:

  • Currently-1 lane (North Side) of NH is being blocked by metro team in a stretch of 1.2 Km and traffic is moving in one lane only (South Side),
  • Traffic SP instructed that the above blockage shall be reduced to a maximum of 300-400 metres.
  • In order to achieve this, highway median may be opened at suitable locations and restored immediately after completion of the erection activities.

  • The safety of road users must be ensured at all times.
  • The above arrangement of opening the medians should be rolling in nature with new median opening at suitable places after closure of the previous ones.
  • Traffic blockage of 1 lane (North Side) shall strictly be within a timeframe of 12:00 AM to 04:00 AM

The shoulder of the moving lane (South Side) shall be levelled and developed accordingly, so that traffic can also move on the same. The traffic SP also instructed that reflective tapes and lighting arrangements shall be provided on the embankment of the moving lane (throughout the diverted stretch) in order to ensure safety of road users.

DMRC raised the concerns about unauthorised parking on the development shoulder of the highway leading to traffic congestion in the night time. Traffic SP assured that traffic police will take care of the same and unauthorised parking will be removed beforehand.

Traffic SP instructed that the information of diversion to be carried out in the night shall be provided to him and traffic DSP latest by 09:00 AM in the morning. In addition to this local police station shall also be informed about the same in morning as well as in the night before starting the diversion activities. Traffic SP also assured that local traffic police will be provided at both ends of the diverted road in the night to ensure smooth traffic movement.

This collaborative initiative reflects the commitment of Patna metro and Traffic Police to prioritise safety and minimise disruptions during construction, ensuring a seamless commuting experience for the public.

Source: Patna Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Patna Metro

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