Eastern Railway marks significant progress in Monigram-Nimtita 34.3 km doubling project

Eastern Railway is proud to announce the latest developments in the Monigram-Nimtita Doubling Project (34.3 km), specifically in the Sujnipara – Ahiran section (6.63 km). This significant rail infrastructure expansion project is progressing with remarkable achievements and a clear path ahead.

More Details:

Project Overview:

The Monigram-Nimtita Doubling Project involves the expansion of the railway line, connecting Monigram and Nimtita, with the Sujnipara – Ahiran section covering a distance of 6.63 Kilometres. The project aims to improve rail connectivity and capacity, ultimately enhancing transportation and boosting economic growth in the region.

Project Status:

Target Completion: The project is o­n track for completion in November 2023, with an impressive 91% progress in terms of physical programming and 89% financial progress.

Bridge 340:

This section includes a major bridge which is numbered as Bridge 340. The Target Date of Completion (TDC) for Bridge 340 is set for October 2023. The final launching of the girder for the 1st and 3rd spans (125m each) has been successfully completed.

Girder Progress:

The 2nd span, measuring 145m, has achieved 100% fabrication and erection completion from both ends.

Approach and Track Linking:

Work o­n the approach, earthwork, and track linking is progressing according to plan, with a target completion date in November 2023.

Ongoing Activities:

  • Several essential activities are currently in progress:
  • Tightening & Torqueing of balance HSF01 Bolts (approximately 68,000 nos.)
  • Jacking of the 145m Girder for various maintenance tasks.
  • Erection of walkways, trolley refuges, and rail-related work.
  • Additionally, critical activities for river training work are set to commence following the offset of the monsoon season.

Shri Kausik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer, Eastern Railway said Eastern Railway’s Construction Department deserves commendation for their dedication and swift response in addressing the critical issue within the Monigram-Nimtita Doubling Project.This department’s focus o­n overcoming challenges and their relentless pursuit of excellence in railway infrastructure development is truly praiseworthy. Eastern Railway is fortunate to have such a dedicated Construction Department driving this crucial project forward.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR