Hon’ble CM, Shri Eknath Shinde inaugurates Kopri Railway Over Bridge

The Metropolitan Region Development Authority has upgraded the 2+2 lane railway over bridge to 4+4 lane at Kopri in Thane city. The entire bridge is 784 metres long and the 37.04 metres wide bridge has been borne by MMRDA.

More Details:

  • The bridge portion over the railway crossing is constructed by Central Railway for which MMRDA funded them. The vehicular traffic coming from 5+5 lane EEH on 2+2 lane Kopri bridge is max during the peak hours.

  • Kopri became bottle neck during peak hours, because crossing Kopri bridge was a tough task. After the widening of Kopri bridge the border of Mumbai-Thane district will become traffic congestion free, also benefits small and heavy both types of vehicles on the Eastern Expressway.

  • This project includes construction of 40 metre long and 21.2 metre wide 2+2 lane Vehicular Underpass connecting Naupada junction to Dnyansadhana college and Proposed new Kopri station.
  • Also constructed FOB facility for pedestrians to cross the eastern express highway. Improvement of Box Nalla at Chikhalwadi area, which will provide drainage facility of storm water drain from existing Chikhalwadi nalla to Sathewadi Nalla.

Shri S.V.R. Srinivas, Hon’ble Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA said “Kopri Bridge is an imperative link connecting Mumbai and Thane districts. The old bridge was narrow, causing heavy traffic jams on both sides of EEH. Motorists were taking 30 to 40 mins to cover a few metres during peak hours. Due to the new wide bridge, the passengers will now save their precious time and fuel. Along with this, there will be a big reduction in the traffic at Three Hat Naka as well.

Source: MMRDA- Press Release | Images Credit: MMRDA