Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi to inaugurate RAPIDX Station in Sahibabad on 20th October, 2023

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate India’s first much awaited rapid rail transit RAPIDX Station in Sahibabad and address a rally on 20th October, 2023 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

More Details:

India’s first semi high-speed regional rail services have been named as ‘RAPIDX’ by NCRTC. These services will run on the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridors, being implemented to connect key urban nodes across the National Capital Region (NCR). It will be operationalised on a 17-km long Priority Section between Sahibabad and Duhai.

The Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor is approximately 82 km long corridor with 25 stations, which will cover the distance from Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi to Modipuram in Meerut in about 60 minutes (Currently, it takes around 3 hours to commute from Delhi to Meerut).

RAPIDX will connect the people who choose to live in their hometowns in NCR with the national capital, through a modern, world class, sustainable, convenient, fast, safe and comfortable means of travel. For the youth in NCR, RAPIDX will provide easier and faster access to a world of opportunities leading them towards their aspirations.

The RAPIDX services on the first RRTS corridor, Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut, will serve this 82-km long corridor and will bring down the travel time between Delhi to Meerut significantly. NCRTC is aiming to commission the entire Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor for the public by 2025.

Some key features of RAPIDX services:

  • NCRTC will use new-age technologies like SPEED, Common Data Environment (CDE), Building Information Modelling, Continuous Operating Reference Station (CORS) and ETCS-2 Signalling System being used for the execution of project RAPIDX.

  • NCRTC, keeping in mind the convenience of passengers and in harmony with nature, has designed the station to be airy, open and well-lit with natural light. For this, beige-coloured perforated panels have been installed for the wall of the stations which also reflects the integration with the surrounding environment.
  • India’s first regional rail, RAPIDX, will have a dedicated women’s coach on every train. To ensure safe and comfortable regional travel for women, the second coach in the direction to Meerut from Delhi will be reserved for the women.

  • Moving in the direction to Meerut from Delhi, the second coach of the train set, i.e. just after the premium coach will be the women’s coach. Whereas while moving to Delhi from Meerut it will be the second last coach of the train i.e. just before the premium coach.
  • Keeping in mind the convenience of commuters travelling with young children, a provision for a diaper-changing station has also been made at every station integrated with other public transport modes.
  • In every RAPIDX train, a Train Attendant will also be deputed who will play an important role in acquainting the commuters with the facilities available in the train and ensuring their safe and secure commute. He/she will be stationed in the Premium coach and will assist the commuters in need.

  • The RAPIDX train attendant will be stationed in the Premium coach and will impart all the travel-related information to commuters. During the journey, he will also provide information regarding the use of safety equipment and the desired information related to the journey to the commuters. He will especially assist and tend to the needs of the aged, sick, especially-abled and commuters in need.
  • To travel in this coach, commuters will have to take entry from the AFC placed at the platform level of the station. This is the first time in the country that a double-tap system is being used in any public transportation system. All the commuters travelling in the RAPIDX train will first tap their tickets on the AFC placed on the concourse level.
  • Platform Screen Doors (PSD) at every station, dedicated space for wheelchairs/stretchers in the train and lifts at every station which can also accommodate stretchers are a few of the various measures taken by NCRTC for the security and comfort of commuters.
  • The RAPIDX is designed to cater to the diverse needs of all sections of society, including women. Safety and convenience are the biggest and most important concerns for women while travelling.

Source: NCRTC | Images Credit (representational): NCRTC