Kolkata Metro maintains the safety and security of metro rakes for the convenient of the commuters on its network

Metro Railway (Kolkata) upkeep the maintenance of metro rakes as it plays a pivotal role for the safety and security of passengers, at present, 16 Medha rakes, 13 ICF rakes and 1 Dalian rake are in operation in North-South Metro.

More Details:

Kolkata Metro is the pride of the ‘City of Joy’. Lakhs of passengers regularly avail Metro services to reach their destinations quickly with comfort and ease. As Metro Railway is environment-friendly and free from traffic snarls, passengers always prefer Metro over road transport. But behind the improved services of Metro Railway, contribution of hundreds of dedicated Metro employees cannot be denied and without them, smooth operations of Metro Railway would have been a distant dream.

For running the successful operation of Metro Railway, maintenance of Metro rakes plays a pivotal role. At present, 16 Medha rakes, 13 ICF rakes and 1 Dalian rake are in operation in North-South Metro and their maintenance is a mammoth task which is being done at Metro Carshed at Noapara where Metro staff and officers with their sheer and utmost dedication & sincerity execute the complex duty of rake maintenance.

Normally, for the stretch from Dum Dum to Tollygunge, o­ne Carshed would have sufficed and initially it was planned by acquiring land from Eastern Railway at Dum Dum. 

In this context, it is worth mentioning that Carsheds are the heartbeat of any railway system and Metro Railway is no exception. The maintenance of Metro rakes is done regularly through rigorous phases in the Carshed, which ultimately ensures smooth and hassle-free running of Metro services.

Apart from this, special efforts are being taken to ensure smooth running of additional services during the Puja days so that passengers don’t face any inconvenience during Puja Time. Special attention is being given to the following aspects:

  • Checking of all coaches motoring and braking system of each rake
  • Testing of emergency light, passengers alarms, signal bell, emergency bell and door warning bell, marker and tail lamps, headlights, cab lights (Guard and driver), flasher from both driving cabs.
  • Checking of inverters and also output voltage.
  • Checking of working condition of horns, wiper, brake pressure,
  • Emergency braking system
  • Checking of all door operations
  • Checking of passenger announcement and passenger information system

When the city sleeps, Metro Railway workers remain awake at nights inspecting tracks, undertaking signalling and electrical maintenance as well as conducting trial runs of repaired coaches.

Especially during Puja days, they work round the clock to ensure safety, security of our valued passengers, sacrificing their family time and not enjoying pandal hopping especially when the whole city soaks in the festivities.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro