Kolkata Metro Update: The structural and platform level work of Gour Kishor Ghosh Metro Station has been completed

The construction work of Kolkata Metro’s Gour Kishor Ghosh Metro Station of Kavi Subhash- Biman Bandar (Airport) Corridor (Orange Line) is going o­n in full swing. This station is going to come up at Chingrighata Crossing, o­ne of the busiest traffic points of Kolkata.

More Details:

The structural work of this station has already been completed and now the finishing work is going o­n. Construction work of the entry and exit points of this station has also started. Construction work of the platform level has also been completed, now the roofing work is going o­n.

Construction work of the approaching viaduct to this station has also been taken up and work of the viaduct from Gour Kishor Ghosh station to Nicco Park stretch has progressed very well in recent times.

O­nce commissioned, this station, situated near Sukanta Nagar area and named after o­ne of the famous journalists, writers and authors Gour Kishor Ghosh, is going to be o­ne of the entry points to Salt Lake. This station is going to cater to the thousands of passengers in the coming days.

Key Facilities of the Station:

  • State-of-the-art passenger amenities are going to be provided at Gour Kishor Ghosh station. There will be 08 escalators, 04 lifts provided at this station. Apart from these, 08 staircases will also be available here.

  • There will be two spacious platforms of 180-metre length at Gour Kishor Ghosh station along with 04 ticket counters. Automatic Smart Card Recharge Machines (ASCRM) for self ticketing facility, 01 first-aid room and sitting benches o­n the platforms will also be available here.

  • Apart from these, one toilet for ladies, o­ne for gents and o­ne for divyangjan will be available for the convenience of the passengers. Among other amenities, 03 water coolers will be installed for the use of commuters.
  • Public Address System, digital display boards, emergency lighting facility for the convenience of the passengers, tactile floor indicators for the blind will be some other added amenities here.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro