KRDCL invites tenders for Aerial LiDAR Survey works for Angamali-Sabari Broad Gauge Rail Line project

The Kerala Rail Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL) has invited e-tenders for Conducting Aerial LiDAR Survey between Kollapally Near Ramapuram and Erumeli as part of Angamali-Sabari BG Line Rail Project.

  • Tender No.: KRDCL/26/2021
  • Estimated Cost: INR 35.52 Lakh
  • Earnest Money Deposit Rs.71.04 Thousand
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 26-Apr-2021
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 17-Apr-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 10-May-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 17-Apr-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 10-May-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 12-May-2021

About Aerial LiDAR Survey:

Aerial LiDAR Survey complemented with Aerial Photography shall be carried out for the proposed Area of Interest(AOI) as supplied by KRDCL for the Semi High speed corridor for proposed new BG Line between Ramapuram and Erumeli as part of Angamali-Sabarimala New Line (40 Km- Route length). KRDCL will provide bench marks/control points of known X, Y, Z coordinates within 25 Km distance from the proposed alignment. 

  • Data shall be captured with reference to above Control points. The network is to be established, close to the proposed corridor. To achieve required accuracy, contractor will have to establish additional ground control points, prior to flying, as required.
  • The following data will be provided to the contractor:
    • Area of Interest (AOI)in CAD/and kmz format
    • Proposed center line of the alignment in CAD and kmz format.
    • Bench mark/control point of known X, Y, Z coordinates within 25 Km distance
  • Broadly, the contractor would need to provide the following services:
    • Establishing Ground Control Points, wherever required, to achieve required accuracy. (MCPs not exceeding 20 km intervals and SCPs not exceeding 5Km intervals).
    • Procuring necessary clearances from DGCA & Ministry of Defense, Government of India, and other agencies for flying over the AOI to acquire raw LiDAR data, Imagery etc.
    • Preparation of flight plan.
    • Acquiring and pre-processing LiDAR data and digital imagery.
    • Post-processing of LiDAR data to produce the following:
      • DSM
      • DEM
      • DTM
      • Topographical map
      • Ortho photos
    • Conducting Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) To establish correctness of flight operations.
    • Validating horizontal and vertical accuracy shall be done by KRDCL in the presence of a nominated representative of LiDAR Contractor. The LiDAR Contractor will provide required Survey Equipments and Surveyors including all other required assistance incidental to the above validation check.
    • Compliance with other product requirements such as file naming, datum and projection, units etc.
    • Delivery of raw data on the end of each day of survey, other products and supporting reports.

Scope of Work:

The work broadly includes:

  • Collection & paper study of existing alignment reports, data, drawing, documents, ground control point and HFL details at the location of Water body (Rivers, Streams, lake/ back water) etc; shall be physically collected at site by LiDAR Contractor.
  • Getting all clearance such as DGCA etc. as required for Aerial LiDAR survey along the proposed corridor
  • Mobilization of Aircraft/Helicopter with required LiDAR and Camera equipment. Field measurements are to be carried out for collecting and submission of Bed Levels, Vertical clearances, span etc; for Road / Rail Bridges within the 600m of AOI.
  • Aerial LIDAR data capture.
  • Aerial Imagery capture.
  • Pre-processing and post processing of data.

Coverage of the survey work:

  • The agency needs to work to cover all the scope work and details given here under. A reference index plan is enclosed herewith for indication of the route to be followed for survey. The work will involve carrying out a data capturing for detailed Topographic Survey along alignment for 300mwidth in each side of the CL of the proposed corridor showing all building details and other ground features as per project requirement or as instructed by Engineer. 
  • The processing of data will be for 100m width i.e. 50m either sides of the Cl of the alignment. For additional requirements of processing raw data already captured due to change in alignment during alignment design, Design of ROBs and Major Bridges, additional areas as per instructions of Engineer will be processed and submitted covering all other outputs in CAD format. It will be paid as per item no. 2 of the schedule of the works in BOQ.

The survey shall cover following features:-

  • Built up line to built up line (and show setback as well) inclusive of all roads, road/rail track showing important structures with their height and based upon local inquiry/Open source as Google earth etc, all bye lanes, footpaths, dividers/central verges, roads, Railway /Metro Railway tracks, details of stations, trees, manholes & other structures, nallahs/canal, storm water drains, H.T., L.T. Transmission lines, vertical clearance of OH utilities etc. Bridges, ROBs/RUBs/FOBs with type and spans, ponds, HFL at water bodies and rivers and streams and Rly/road/river bridges and other locations if any specifically directed by the client, level X- ings with their type, traction masts, signal posts, location box etc; except stated otherwise, elsewhere in the contract.
  • Location and list of trees shall be indicated shown on plan shall be made in separate AutoCAD layer.
  • Marking outer dimension of all built up area along the corridor, and ownership such as private, Govt., residential and commercial etc. within survey limits. The secondary data shall be complied from open source (Google Earth etc;)
  • The Auto CAD drawings shall have different layers for different entities like Road, Rail, Spot/Ground levels, Drain, Building, Boundary Wall, Over Ground Utility and Under Ground Utility, Tree, Traverse Station, ROB/RUB etc. as instructed by Engineer-in-charge. X, Y, Z co-ordinates of all spot/ground points shall be provided in CSV file as directed by Engineer-in-charge with point numbers and feature coding as per list of codes given by Engineer-in-charge. Z co-ordinates are to be taken with due care and indicated accordingly.
  • Location of approach roads, main roads, lanes etc shall be shown.
  • Details of land along the route and their uses such as residential areas, commercial areas, religious, parks, green areas, vacant lands etc and ownership private or government.
  • Details of nallahs, with bed levels shall be collected and provided by site inspection.
  • Details of level crossings with their, manned or unmanned, Road-Over-Bridges (ROBs) Road-Under-Bridges (RUBs) and Foot-Over Bridges (FOBs), Railway Bridges, Culverts etc. with their structural details, angle of crossing and road & rail levels shall be provided as per LiDAR imagery.
  • Details of railway tracks along the proposed alignment including take off points, curves, transitions, crossings, switches and other details including electrical structures with their distances from the existing railway tracks shall be provided as per LiDAR imagery.

Tender Documents and any additional information can be downloaded

Source: KRDCL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR