MPMRCL invites tenders for supply of EMV based Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System on PPP Revenue Model

The Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL) has invited e-tenders from reputed and experienced contractors for following Works.

  • Tender Reference Number: 383/MPMRCL/2022/BHIN_07
  • Name of Work: Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing Commissioning and Maintenance of open Loop EMV NCMC card and QR code based Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System based on PPP Revenue Model for Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Projects
  • Completion Period: 1092 Days
  • EMD: INR 4,38,00,000/-
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 17-Mar-2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 05-May-2022 
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 07-Mar-2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 28-Apr-2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 05-May-2022 
  • Bid Opening Date: 06-May-2022 

General Description:

  • The objective of this project is to provide Automatic Fare collection system for MPMRCL Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail project. The Contractor shall be responsible for design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of the end-to-end Open loop EMV NCMC card-based AFC system and QR code-based ticketing at the required number of stations, with each device connected to the Central Back-office AFC system. Also Supply of all required Power accessories (Electrical cabinets, Isolators, power & control cables etc.) and network accessories like Network switches, cables etc. required for working for Open Loop EMV NCMC Card Based for RuPay/Master/Visa and QR Code based Ticketing Implementation.
  • The AFC system shall, as far as possible, operate using open non-proprietary, industry standards and shall be a highly reliable, scalable, secure and customer friendly facility. The system security shall include, as a minimum, protection against fraud, theft, falsification of data, false accounting, external threats, denial of service, eavesdropping, loss or corruption of information, masquerading (spoofing) and unauthorized access, etc. The system shall adhere to industry recognized International and National standards and practices published and maintained by organizations such as EMVco, PCI DSS, IEC, ISO, CEN, EN and ISI etc, as applicable. The system shall be designed and implemented in accordance with specifications of NCMC Ecosystem as directed by Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA).
  • The intention is to make the system interoperable with other Public Transport Organizations across the country. Within MPMRCL Rail project sites, the AFC system shall integrate and synchronize seamlessly with a collection of multiple systems, like the inter-site transmission network, master clock system, power supply system, main earthing facilities, cable routing facilities, and MPMRCL SAP/ERP or similar system for management reporting.
  • The Financial Institution bidder shall design, develop and maintain interoperable Smart Card Application and Card Data format along with compliance to the EMV specifications by partnering with the relevant payment scheme.
  • The FI bidder shall do all interface which are required for final AFC System which will be able to handle QR Code /Open Loop EMV (RuPay/Master/Visa) NCMC Card for Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Project.
  • The FI bidder shall supply, develop and technically support the personalization devices, and handle card issuance at MPMRCL stations whereas it would also additionally operate the personalization devices at their additionally selected points of card issuance. The FI bidder shall design, develop and maintain the smart card top-up channels and e-payment services.
  • The AFC Provider bidder shall design, develop and be responsible for the maintenance and management of AFC devices, Central AFC solution. 2.1.9 The FI bidder shall design, develop and be responsible for the maintenance and management of smart card host and settlement of NCMC transactions through acquiring host of FI.
  • The AFC Provider shall employ system for MPMRCL to be able to perform day to day monitoring of the ticketing operations and the bidder shall provision for the MIS reporting and would be responsible for generation of MIS reports as per the requirements of the MPMRCL till the duration of the contract.
  • The AFC provider shall be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment hardware, software, etc. and would be responsible for repairing and replacement in case of failures or defects as part of the defect liability and comprehensive maintenance period obligation of the contract for the contract duration.
  • The AFC Provider shall be responsible for hosting the Central AFC solution at Metro Premises/Cloud agreed by MPMRCL and deploying a central computer system at the operation control centre respectively in Bhopal and Indore.
  • The AFC Provider shall be responsible for developing a mobile and web application that shall be integrated with MPMRCL AFC system for the purpose of ticketing.
  • The AFC system shall be designed and deployed as per the requirements stated in this RFP. The system needs to be flexible and configurable designed to allow future  adaptation in a multi operator environment and government policies.

Brief Scope of Work:

  • Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Open Loop EMV NCMC Card & QR Code Based Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System On “PPP” Basis for Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Projects.
  • Defect Liability and Comprehensive Maintenance Period (DLCMP) of AFC system (Hardware & Software and other required services) including Central computer system and AFC Back-office system shall be till entire contract period of 10 years, but not limited to cost of spares, manpower, etc is included in the contract.
  • DLCMP scope shall cover Comprehensive Maintenance including spares and manpower etc.
  • DLCMP support for the 10 years contract including sufficient spare parts i.e., Computers, Servers, Cables, Network equipment etc. of AFC equipment.
  • Set up and maintenance of Acquiring Host including connectivity and Card issuance services.
  • Implementation of Mobile Application and Web Application with QR ticket issuance, card recharge and other basic functionalities.
  • Provision of payment gateway for mobile app and top-up etc.
  • All certifications for AFC equipment, central computer, Central back- office system, mobile app etc.
  • In addition to Cash & Bank Debit/Credit card Payment Methods at TOM/EFO and TVM. UPI Payment & Bharat QR code/Mobile wallet for purchasing Single/Return journey ticket/recharge of NCMC card shall also be enabled.
  • Cash collection and change replenishment at stations.

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: MPMRCL-Tender

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