Nagpur Metro floats tender for design and construction of elevated metro viaduct in Reach-4A of Phase-2

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) has floated tender for Design and construction of elevated metro viaduct of length 5.333 km between Ch: (-) 289.668 m to Ch: (-) 5622.577 m in Reach-4A of NMRP, Phase-2.

  • Tender No: N2-010/C-04/2023
  • Name of work: Design and construction of elevated metro viaduct of length 5.333 km between Ch: (-) 289.668 m to Ch: (-) 5622.577 m in Reach-4A of Nagpur Metro Rail Project (NMRP), Phase-2.
  • Approximate Cost: INR 260 Crores
  • EMD: INR 1.30 Crores
  • Contract Period: 30 Months
  • Document Download Start Date: 14th Sep, 2023
  • Document Download End Date: 01st Nov, 2023
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: 03rd Oct, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 14th Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 01st Nov, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 01st Nov, 2023

Scope of Work:

Design and Construction of Viaduct between HB Town circle to Transport Nagar station including viaduct in station portion. The start and end chainages of the alignment are (-) 289.668 m and (-) 5622.577m respectively. The total length of the viaduct is 5332.917m metres. GAD enclosed with the bid/tender documents may be referred. Salient details of GAD are given below:

  • The elevated Section of (Reach-4A) starts from Chainage (-) 289.668 m (represented by portal pier MPP1) and ends at (-) 5622.577 m. However, Pier and Pier Cap at the beginning of the section will not be a part of scope of works defined in this contract.
  • The Design and Build Contractor has to design the Viaduct ensuring a minimum statutory vertical clearance of 5.5 metres to the Metro structure above the existing road level.
  • Sectional elevation of the typical elevated viaduct drawing enclosed with the tender/bid documents shall be referred for the same. The Contractor shall verify the Road level/Ground level provided in the GAD with the actual levels at Site.
  • Whole length of the viaduct has to be designed for double line standard gauge track as shown in the GAD. System is planned with end evacuation and 25 KV AC OHE traction. The tenderer/bidder will have to use a Segmental Box girder integrated with the parapet.
  • Some spans will have to be designed to accommodate the emergency track crossover, special track layouts (e.g. pocket track) (Approximate locations if any are shown in the GAD for reference).

Pier arms for platforms:

D&B contractor has to design and construct pile, pile cap, pier and pier arm (along with pedestal and end restrainer for platform level girders) to support the station platform. The pier arm shall be so designed that it shall allow viaduct through the station portion in a station length of approximately 77.5m.

Details of the station portion will be furnished to the successful bidder; suitable assumptions may be made at this stage. The GAD is enclosed with this document to facilitate the design of support structure taking into account the prevalent code, manual and best practices.

It may be noted that the station support structure will have to conform to the acceptable deflection and vibration norms and the viaduct spans will be constrained in terms of spans.

The location of piers and the span arrangement suggested by the contractor have to be approved by the Engineer before execution. The contractor shall not have any claims if any changes are suggested by the engineer.

Following load should be considered for designing the pier arm which will support the station platform beam as well as the deck slab.

  • Floor loads viz self-weight, live load of 5 KN/Sqm, floor finish, platform screen door etc.
  • Connecting bridge support beam loads – be furnished after freezing the station concept plan.
  • Roof column loads- approx. 15T (Vertical), 2MT (Horizontal in each direction) and Transverse moment of 2 MT-M to be considered. Detailed loading diagrams will be provided at the detail design stage after freezing the station concept plan.
  • I-Girders/Beams will be seated on the extended pier arms.
  • The present RFP includes a pier arm for the stations at platform level. It means the foundation, pier and pier arm for the station area are to be designed and constructed, taking into account station load.
  • A typical cross section and size of pier arm is enclosed along with this document (Refer Annexure VII-9 Reference Drawings). The contract includes station piers @ 19.375m span (excluding Pardi Station) making total station length as approximately 77.5m. These station piers will also have platform pier arms (to support platform girders).
  • The viaduct will pass through all station locations. The design and build cost of the present RFP to include above aspects. The platform girders are not in the scope of the present RFP.


Minimum average annual turnover of INR 208 Crore within the last 5 (five) years. Last five years shall be (FY 2018-19, 19-20, 20-21, 21-22 & 22-23).

In the case of Companies, which follow the Financial Year as Calendar Year (January to December), data for 2021 shall be treated equivalent to the data of FY 2021-22 and so on.

Statutory Auditors certified summary sheet of audited balance sheet need to be enclosed with bid. The certificate must be with UDIN. Copies of audited balance sheets also need to be submitted along with the bid.

Work Experience:

A minimum of *Similar Work contracts specified below that have been satisfactorily completed as a prime contractor or joint venture member during last 10 (Ten) years reckoned from the last day of the month previous to the one in which the latest date of the bid submission falls.

  • Should have completed/ executed the work of value equivalent to at least INR 208 Crores under a Single Contract towards “Construction of Metro Rail Viaduct of length not less than 4.27 Km” or
  • Should have completed/ executed the work of value equivalent to at least INR 130 Crores each under minimum two contracts towards “Construction of Metro Rail Viaduct” each of length not less than 2.67 Km, or
  • Should have completed/ executed the work of value equivalent to at least INR 104 Crores each under minimum three contracts towards “Construction of Metro Rail Viaduct” each of length not less than 2.13 Km.

Sale of document, e-payment procedure, submission and other details are available on MAHA-Metro (Nagpur) E- tender portal under section in e- tenders.

Source: Nagpur Metro- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Nagpur Metro

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