Patna Metro two level underground PMCH metro station to provide seamless connectivity and ease traffic congestion

The proposed underground metro station of Patna Metro Rail Corporation at Patna Medical college will not only provide metro connectivity to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) and Patna Market area but also reduce the number of vehicles on road and ease traffic congestion.

More Details:

The station will serve as a lifeline and provide seamless connectivity to the people coming from all over the state to the distinguished medical institution of Patna, PMCH hospital for treatment.

Being the hub of major commercial activities, Government Hospitals, Market complex and colleges, this underground metro station will serve as a breather by easing traffic congestion on one of the most congested and busiest locations of the town. There will be two entry or exit gates inside the PMCH campus where a major revamping work is currently undergoing.

The Station will have Two Entry/Exit gates:

  • Entry/Exit 1 Stairs, escalators, lift (to concourse) – caters public for PMCH hospital.
  • Entry/Exit 2 Stairs, lift – caters public for Patna market.

The proposed metro station will be approx. 227m long and 16.50m below the ground level passing beneath the PMCH hospital premises. A two-level metro station will provide connectivity to some of the major institutions, market hub, medical institution like PMCH, Darbhanga House (North of PMCH), B.N. College, Patna Dental college, Anjuman Islamia Hall, Public Health Institute, Drugs market, medical shops, Catholic Church, Civil court, Bankipore post office, Pirbhore Thana, major market; Govinda mitra road, Patna market, Hathuwa market and approach road to Patna university, science college etc.

Two-level Underground Metro station:

  • Two level station with concourse at -1 level. Concourse will have passengers-centric facilities like ticket counter, public convenience such as toilets, security checks etc. and platform will be at -2 level. All these levels will be connected to each other and also with ground level. 

Facilities for passengers:

  • The station has two sets of staircase/escalator leading to either end of the station along with a lift at the centre for public usage.
  • Further passenger centric facilities in order to assist visually challenged /physically challenged persons such as provision of tactile tiles from station entry at street level to concourse and ultimately to platform level, train entry door and platform of metro station at same level, entry ramp with slope as per norms, proper signages, installation of braille system inside lifts etc. will be provided which will make the journey hassle free.

Arrangements for emergency situations:

  • In case of any emergency situation the station is proposed to have three fire escapes out of which one connects the platform and concourse directly to exit the station premises however by using the other two fire escapes (staircase) the passengers will be evacuated from platform to concourse and from there any of two Entry/Exits can be taken to exit station premises. One firemen staircase (separately) is also there for Firefighters to enter station premises during Emergency situations.

Source: Patna Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Patna Metro