Patna Metro’s University underground metro station will ease the life of students flocking to hub of studies of the city

Patna University underground metro station of Patna Metro Rail Project will ease the life of students flocking to the hub of studies of the city; starting from the university area in Ashok Rajpath till NIT Patna from different Parts of the city for studies.

More Details:

This two-level underground metro station will be a time saviour for students, faculties trying to reach Ashok Rajpath area. The proposed metro station will be approx. 160 m long and 16m below the ground level providing minutes away connectivity from PMCH and Moin Ul Haq metro station.

Be it engineering students of NIT Patna, Patna University, Science college and various private coaching institutes and few prestigious schools. 

Besides this, the under-ground metro station will be a boon for people residing adjacent to Ashok Rajpath, Patna city, Gular Bagh, NIT More, Khajanchi road, Govind Mitra Road etc. as it would ease off the traffic jam and make commuting easier from one place to another.  The station was planned in a manner to ease the life of metro riders with three entry exit facilities.

The station will have three Entry / Exit gates:

  • Entry / Exit gate -1 is proposed to be in front of Patna Science college, Patna university
  • Entry / Exit gate -2 will be near NIT Patna more
  • Entry/Exit-3 will be inside the Campus of Rajkiya Shamshul Hoda madrasa premises

Two-level Underground Metro station:

Two level station with concourse at -1 level. Concourse will have passengers-centric facilities like ticket counter, public convenience such as toilets, security checks etc. and platform will be at -2 level. All these levels will be connected to each other and also with ground level.

Facilities for Passengers:

  • The station has been planned with six escalators, five staircases for public usage, out of which one escalator and one staircase will be provided at Entry / Exit 2 & 3. For Entry /Exit -1, the staircase will be provided for movement of passengers.
  • Four Escalators and two staircases will be provided for movement of passengers from concourse to platform level. Three lifts from Ground level to Concourse level at each entry / exit will be provided for ease and comfort of the differently abled, old age & other needy passengers.

Arrangements for emergency situations:

In case of any emergency situation the station is proposed to have three fire escapes out of which one connects the platform and concourse directly to exit the station premises however by using the other two fire escapes (staircase) the passengers will be evacuated from platform to concourse and from there any of three Entry/Exits can be taken to exit station premises. One firemen staircase (separately) is also there for Firefighters to enter station premises during Emergency situations.

Source: Patna Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Patna Metro