Product Expertise: Rail couplers/crash absorbers by Oleo Buffers India Pvt. Ltd.

OLEO offers complete range of Crash Energy management devices such as, crash absorbers, Front automatic couplers, Intermediate & semi permanent couplers along with detailed Crash Simulation software solutions.

Digital Trains:

Digital Trains brings together digital twins of individual elements, incorporating dynamic simulations that correlate with test results, enabling you to assemble a digital twin of the train and its key track infrastructure. This is cloud based software that enables simulations to be completed very fast, usually in seconds, many iterations can be evaluated quickly and efficiently.

The Digital Twins and simulation results are easily hared with others, making this an efficient collaboration tool for project managers, train operators and manufacturers to visualise, understand and optimise performance and cost Digital Twins of passenger and freight rail projects, including trams, light rail vehicles, metro, monorail, main line and high speed trains as well as freight wagons and locomotives Simulation capability includes:

  • Route and track profiles.
  • Track Quality Evaluation.
  • Static and dynamic gauging.
  • Buffer Stop and Train Crash.
  • Derailment and Crash investigations.
  • Reliability and energy consumption.
  • Dynamic simulations with Rail to Wheel contact.

Digital Trains vehicle and track modelling is correlated with Vampire® and therefore should give good agreement with other Multi Body Dynamics software such as Simpack®, Nucars® and Adams.

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