Product Expertise: Specialists in Re-Fitment, Refurbishment, Fabrication and Furnishing of Rolling Stock

Jainex Ltd was established in the year 1968 & the primary business is steel being distributors of Tata Steel for 52 years. Customized slitting is carried out as per customer requirement. Recently Jainex acquired a mini steel mill in Gujarat for certain specialized products. Steel products are also exported to a number of countries.


1. Crew Friendly Loco

2. Body Bolster Work

3. Silver Fox Labelling

The company was looking at opportunities in several sectors & identified Railways as a growth area. Accordingly a Railway Division was established around 2005 with a focus on conversion of existing mild steel piping of the Air Brake System of Electric Locomotives & Coaches to Stainless Steel with Double Ferrule Fittings.

This benefited the railways in a very big way by elimination of rust & corrosion, brake binding, issues due to heavy vibration culminating to efficient running of compressor, air dryers, issues due to heavy vibration leading to substantial savings to Railways. In time to come, this system was adopted completely by Indian Railways.

Jainex now undertakes Retro-Fitment, Refurbishment, Fabrication, Furnishing, Electrical, Modification projects besides Air-Brake Piping & now has ventured into turnkey projects as well. Lot of important projects have been handled & completed by Jainex like Repair of Body Bolster in MRVC coaches, Provision of Crew Friendly Locomotives, Power/Control Cable Works, Interior Furnishing of Coaches, Wagon Repair, Provision of Aircon on Locomotives, AHU Overhauling, Traction Motor Duct & many more.

The company’s Railway Division has established a set-up in BEML Ltd for on-site fabrication of brake modules of Metro Coaches. The latest project initiated is for a safe & reliable Labelling System for electrical & mechanical areas in various industries including Railways.

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