Product Expertise: Taural India Private Limited

Established in 2016, Taural India is a leading world-class integrated aluminium foundry that provides aluminium casting solutions.

Through a strategic joint venture with Thoni Alutec, a market leader in aluminium sand castings in Germany and Poland, Taural India serves a wide array of industries such as energy, defence, marine, aerospace, healthcare, infrastructure and railways with tailor-made solutions.

A few of their marquee clients include the Ordnance Factory (Defense), Indian Railways, ABB, General Electric, Siemens, and Hyosung, among others.

Started in Pune, India, Taural India is serving clients across the country as well as globally with a mission to make India the global hub of aluminium sand-casting manufacturing.

With aluminium’s rising popularity for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, energy efficiency, and recyclability, the company is catalysing transformation across key sectors of the nation’s economy.

Taural India Role in Improving Railway Infrastructure in India

Taural India is playing a crucial role in the indigenisation of the country’s rail infrastructure by enabling localisation of the earlier imported components.

At the forefront of the company’s contributions to the sector are the aluminium gear cases, which were developed and customised specifically for the WAP-5 high-speed electric locomotives – being deployed in the recently launched Amrit Bharat Express.

By indigenising the production of custom aluminium gear cases for WAP-5, Taural India has replaced the need for imports from Germany, which previously supplied these critical components. The initiative has also significantly started the faster deliveries of the gearcases.

This not only exemplifies the company capability to meet the rigorous demands of the railway industry but also showcases the potential for substantial time and cost savings along with self-reliance in the sector.

The company also can manufacture essential parts for the locomotive drive system, coaches, bogies, cooling systems and suspension— showcasing its wide-ranging impact across various railway applications.

Taural India: Pioneering the Future of Rail Innovation

Taural India’s partnership with the Indian Railways is a testament to its commitment to innovation and its expertise in the aluminium sand-casting domain.

This prestigious collaboration is among the numerous accomplishments in Taural India illustrious journey.

Among its recent honours, Taural India was celebrated at the 5th Rail Analysis Innovation & Excellence Summit 2024 for Innovation in Aluminium Extrusions, Fabrications, and Parts.

The company was also ranked among the Top 50 Companies at the CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2023.

Furthermore, the SIDM (Society of Indian Defense Manufacturers) Defense Champion Award 2022 for Import Substitution was bestowed upon it by the Hon’ble Defence Minister, Mr Rajnath Singh, marking significant achievements in the company history.

What sets Taural India apart is not just its ability to deliver world-class solutions across diversified sectors.

It their continuous innovation in engineering, the search for excellence – in business and customer satisfaction, and their dedication to their craft and the nation.

Taural is a proud ‘Make in India’ organisation that has contributed significantly to import substitution and changing the global perception of Indian goods & services.

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