RITES invites tender for design, supply & commissioning of 25 KV OHE, SCADA system & electrical works for development of rail infrastructure at Mahalaxmi Area

RITES Limited, a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, invites online e-tender for Design, drawing, supply, storage, guarding, erection, testing and commissioning of 25 KV OHE system, SSP, provision of SCADA system & electrical general works includes illumination of Yard/ pathway by 30 & 20 mtr high masts for development of new siding for development of rail infrastructure for proposed 02 Nos RLS (20MTY) adjacent to Sardega Siding at Mahalaxmi Area, IB Coalfields of MCL.

  • Tender Reference Number: RITES/BBSR/MCL/SARDEGA/OHE/OT-02/2023-24
  • Name of Work: Design, drawing, supply, storage, guarding, erection, testing and commissioning of 25 KV OHE system, SSP, provision of SCADA system & electrical general works includes illumination of Yard/ pathway by 30 & 20 mtr high masts for development of new siding for development of rail infrastructure for proposed 02 Nos RLS (20MTY) adjacent to Sardega Siding at Mahalaxmi Area, IB Coalfields of MCL.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 24,07,72,670.03/-
  • EMD: INR 48,16,000/-
  • Period of Completion: 10 Months, (For Phase I – Up to Oct, 2023 & For Phase-II Up to 10 Months).
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 09th May, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 30th May, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 23rd May, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 30th May, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 31st May, 2023

Scope of Work:

  • The work to be governed by this contract shall cover “Design, drawing, procurement, fabrication, Manufacturing, storing, guarding, transportation to destination in safe custody at site, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 25 KV OHE System, SSP/SP switching post, provision of SCADA system and Electrical General works of the following:
  • Provision of Stringing of OHE with modification and rectification for Railway portion of Rail connectivity for Development of new siding for development of Rail Infrastructure for proposed 02 Nos RLS(20MTY) adjacent to Sardega Siding at Mahalaxmi Area, IB Coalfields of MCL in two phases i.e. Phase-I & II.
  • Erection, commission & testing of SSP with SCADA system.
  • Illumination of yard, path way, RUB & weigh bridge area by 30/20 mtr high mast/6 mtr octagonal pole/street light etc.
  • Provision of Drawing & Design (Location Drawing, Lux Calculation, Cable laying route design) for 30 mtr long High Mast with 350W LED luminaries for yard Illumination.
  • Supply, Erection, Testing & commissioning of High Mast.
  • Training for maintenance of High Mast along with Luminaries.
  • Preparation of “As Erected Drawings” (Layout Plan of high mast and cable, Connection diagram, Single Line Diagram, lux calculation) furnishing 4 copies and 1 nos. of Tracing for each drawing after approval.
  • Coordination with South Eastern Railway both at the Divisional and Headquarters level.
  • Sectioning Diagram, LOP, CSD, SED, Profile Drawing and other working drawings and get it approved from East Coast Railway.
  • Preparation of “As Erected Drawings” furnishing 6 copies and 2 nos. of RTF for each drawing after approval.
  • All the Supply and Erection work under this contract shall conform to the Technical Specifications of 25 KV AC Traction Equipment and relevant drawings issued by Director (T.I.), Research, Design & Standards Organization (RDSO), Manaknagar, Lucknow – 11. Copes of such specifications and drawings can be obtained from Director (T.I.), RDSO, Lucknow as required. General manager / RITES shall not issue any drawings/specifications to the contractor.
  • Scope of the work under this contract includes Design, Drawing, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 25 KV OHE system including all OHE related works like Bracket Erection, Stringing of Contact & Catenary wire, Adjustment of OHE, Tower Wagon checking etc Modification/Extension of existing conventional OHE under long power block period in a phased manner.
  • For work close to railway line, road telephone line, power line (both underground and overhead) and structures, all precautions should be taken for ensuring that during the execution of the work no damage is caused to such assets and also no obstruction is caused to the movement of trains/road traffic.
  • The work to be governed by this contract shall cover Design, Procurement, Shifting/ modification, Fabrication, storing, transportation to destination in safe custody at site, Insurance, Supply, Erection, Testing and commissioning of the system of the following:
    • 25 KV AC OHE system (Conventional & tramway) including foundation, mast erection & bracket fittings as per bill of quantities.
    • Preparation of LOP, CSD, SED, Profile Drawing and & other working drawings.
    • Coordination with East Coast Rly. Both the Divisional and Headquarters level and get approval from Railway & supply of requisite number of prints of the approved drawing.
    • All the basic designs, drawings of OHE issued by RDSO/Lucknow/and or CORE/Allahabad shall be arranged by the Contractor himself.
    • All the Electrical General works will be as per IE & RDSO norms including Electrical Clearances.
    • The Contractor shall furnish detailed working drawings (LOP/CSD/SED/AED) together with design calculations, if any, and to submit in quadruplicate for approval of Railway.
  • The Contractor shall prepare sectioning diagram, profile drawing etc. as detailed out under items 1 & 2 of the Explanatory note under schedule of quantities and submit the same for approval to Sr. DEE (TRD), of concerned Railway division within 15 days from the date of issue of work order. Contract will be rescinded at the contractor’s risk if fails to submit Layout Plan within stipulated days as mentioned above.
  • On approval of Drawings/Designs by Railway in principle, the contractor shall distribute 5 copies as required before starting the work.
  • The contractor shall also submit design calculations for a special foundation of OHE mast, if required, and furnish the type of foundation at such location where standard designs, drawings or employment schedules do not cover & obtain approval of competent authority.
  • The Contractor shall prepare ‘As Erected Drawing’ of OHE layout ‘SED’ and shall finalise it after joint verification with concerned Railway. The tracing of As Erected Drawing shall be submitted for approval of concerned Rly. duly signed by the Contractor. The contractor shall furnish 2 nos of RTFs & 2 Nos of soft copy covering all drawings in addition to 6 (Six) coloured Print out copies of each drawings.
  • It is to be clearly understood that all design & drawings shall be based on thorough study. General design & dimensions shall be such that the contractor is satisfied about the suitability of the design/dimension/Style of the equipment/assembly for the purpose.
  • The OHE materials as per “Schedule of Quantities” in the tender documents required for the work and to be supplied by the Contractor as per BOQ shall have to be supplied from RDSO/ CORE 


  • Subject to provisions in the Tender Document, participation in this Tender Process is open to all domestic bidders who fulfil the ‘Eligibility’ and ‘Qualification criteria as prescribed in this tender document.
  • Bidder should meet the following eligibility criteria as of the date of his bid submission and should continue to meet these till the award of the contract.
  • Bidder shall be required to declare fulfilment of Eligibility Criteria in proforma-1. The Bidder, unless otherwise stipulated in the tender documents should meet following Eligibility Criteria:
    • The Bidder should be a Private or Government Owned legal entity (individual, proprietary firm, firm in partnership, limited company (Private or Public Sector) or corporation).
    • The Bidder should not be (or proposes to be), a Joint Venture, unless permitted explicitly as per clause 2.4 hereinafter and Critical Data Sheet.
  • Bidders should have valid registration with the Employees Provident Fund organisation under ‘EPF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952’.
  • Only Class –I Local Suppliers, as defined in Make-in-India policy, unless otherwise mentioned in these documents.
  • Only those contractors/ bidders, who commit themselves to Integrity Pact as per details in Clause 11.2 herein under, would be considered competent to participate in the bidding process.
  • In other words, entering into this Pact would be a preliminary qualification. Any bid not accompanied by Integrity Pact duly signed by the bidder shall be considered to be a non-responsive bid and shall be rejected straight away.
  • The Bidder should not have a conflict of interest, which substantially affects fair competition. The Bidder and any of its affiliates (associates, subsidiary, JV partner), should not have been engaged by the Ministry/ Department/RITES/Employer to provide consultancy services for the preparation or implementation of this project.
  • The prices quoted should be competitive and without adopting any unfair/ unethical/ anticompetitive means. No attempt should be made to induce any other bidder to submit or not to submit an offer for restricting competition.
  • The Bidder should not be insolvent, in receivership, bankrupt or being wound up, not have its affairs administered by a court or a judicial officer, not have its business activities suspended and must not be the subject of legal proceedings for any of these reasons.
  • The Bidder should not have been declared as a Poor Performer by RITES and their name should not currently be in the ‘Negative List’ of RITES.
  • The Bidder (including their affiliates or subsidiaries or Contractors/ subcontractors for any part of the contract) should not be currently declared ineligible/suspended/ blacklisted/ banned/ debarred by RITES or by any Central/State Government Department/ Public Undertaking or Enterprise of Central/State Government and such ban should not be in force at the time of submission of the Bid or extended deadline for submission of bid.
  • The Bidder should not have an association (as a bidder/ partner/ director/ employee in any capacity) with:
    • The near relations (defined as first blood relations, and their spouses, of the bidder or the bidder’s spouse) of persons involved in decision making in the procurement as mentioned in Clause 17.1 hereinafter.
    • Of retired Gazetted or equivalent rank Officers of the Central or State Government or its Public Sector Undertakings as defined in clause 17.1 hereinafter
  • The Bidder must fulfil any other additional eligibility condition, if so prescribed, elsewhere in the Tender Document.
  • The Bidder should provide such evidence of their continued eligibility to the Employer/RITES Ltd if so requested.

Tender documents may be downloaded from CPPP website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app and from RITES website https://www.rites.com/

Source: RITES- Tender | Image Credit (representational): SCR

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