UPMRC invites tender for annual maintenance contract of S&T UPS system for 21 stations from CCS Airport to Munshi Pulia & Depot for Lucknow Metro rail project

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) Limited has invited open e-tenders for the Annual maintenance/service contract of S&T UPS system for 21 stations from CCS Airport to Munshi Pulia & 01 Depot (Transport Nagar Depot) of UPMRC, Lucknow Metro Rail Project.

  • Tender Reference Number: LKUPS-01
  • Name of Work: Annual maintenance/service contract of S&T UPS system for 21 stations from CCS Airport to Munshi Pulia & 01 Depot (Transport Nagar Depot) of UPMRC, Lucknow Metro Rail Project.
  • Approximate Cost of Work: INR 7.3 Lakh
  • EMD: INR 15 Thousand
  • Completion Period: 03 Years
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 14th July, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 09th August, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 21st July, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 28th July, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 09th August, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 10th August, 2023


  • The contractor will execute the work i.e. “Rate Contract/service Contract of S&T UPS system for 21 stations from CCS Airport to Munshi Pulia & 01 Depot (Transport Nagar Depot) of UPMRC Lucknow Metro Rail Project for a period of 3 Years mentioned in Employer Requirement.
  • In full recognition of this objective, and with full acceptance of the obligations, liabilities and risks which may be involved, the Contractor shall undertake the execution of the Works. 

Scope of Work:

  • Rate Contract for 21 stations from CCS Airport to Munshipuliya & 01 Depot (Transport  Nagar Depot) shall start from the date of LOA. The expiry of Rate Contract for all 21 stations  from CCS Airport to Munshipuliya & 01 Depot (Transport Nagar Depot) shall be after 3  years from date of LOA. BOQ details are available at Annexure- ‘A’.
  • Rate Contract/ service Contract of PSS (S&T/UPS System), consisting of visits for preventive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, emergency services etc. as specified by UPMRC.
  • The Contractor shall take all precautions to ensure safety of the staff, the entire  responsibility falls on the part of the contractor.
  • Contractor is fully responsible for maintaining the good quality & Checking for different  aspects of (Power supply system) PSS (S&T UPS System) working during the visit in the contract period.
  • Process/steps to be taken during Preventive Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance during non-revenue hours under proper PTW in such a manner that overall functioning of the system & function of equipment is not affected.
  • Preventive Maintenance is to be carried out by partial shutdown and continuous availability of the output to load must be ensured during preventive maintenance.
  • Preventive Maintenance will include but not limited to: 
    • Cleaning up of Unit, Visual Inspection to check any defect/deformation 
    • Checking and Adjustment of Power parameters. 
    • Checking and Adjustment of Control parameters on different PCBs. 
    • Tightness of all connections, by shutting down the subsystems one by one. 
    • Functional Testing of Rectifier section. 
    • Functional testing of Inverter section
    • Functional Testing of Static Switch Section. 
    • Operational test of the system including unit transfer and battery discharge. 
    • Install or perform Engineering Field Change Notices (FCN) as necessary. 
    • Measurement of load on each phase in both UPS is to be recorded during every preventive maintenance and a report to be submitted to UPMRC. 
  • Corrective Maintenance: UPS output being critical for train operation, Response time to attend any failure/breakdown of the UPS system shall not exceed 04 hours. Corrective maintenance will be carried out immediately.
  • One visit will be valid for one station and for complete rectification of failure i.e. call closure.
  • While performing CM, if a second UPS gets affected, its rectification will be covered under the same visit.
  • Detailed failure analysis of S&T-UPS failures with very specific conclusion and recommendation is to be done by the Contractor.
  • Also downloading of logs of S&T UPS to be done by a contractor and it is to be provided to UPMRC with an analysis report.
  • The Breakdown Maintenance is to be carried out any time on 24-hour basis inclusive of Sundays & Holidays during the contract period.
  • All T&Ps, testing instruments etc. required for preventive and corrective maintenance shall be brought by the contractor.
  • In case of CM, if any critical spare is required then it shall be made available by the Contractor to meet any emergent requirement. The cost of these spares shall be paid as per the approved rate list. A list of such spares/components will be provided by the tenderer along with the tender document.
  • UPS spares may be needed and an indicative price list of all spares to be provided by the contractor to UPMRC. If any part is replaced by the contractor, then the rates of spares shall be as per the rates indicated in Annexure ‘B’ by the contractor. Tentative list of spares attached as Annexure ‘B’.
  • All modules & spares are to be supplied by the UPMRC during the tenure of the contract. All T&Ps Testing instruments etc. required for preventive & corrective maintenance shall be arranged by the contractor. No T&P shall be supplied to the contractor by the Employer.
  • In case of replacement of any defective part during maintenance, these components/PCBs/Modules/Parts should be of the same specifications as the replaced component.
  • Also, the Contractor shall submit an undertaking that UPS performance & all other technical parameters have remained unaffected after corrective & Preventive maintenance work.
  • The Maintenance and servicing report shall be submitted in triplicate, which shall be signed by Contractor and Employer representatives. The Contractor will submit a report giving details of Preventive, Corrective and Breakdown Maintenance carried out.
  • The contractor during the Execution of work shall follow the Indian Electricity Rules, Indian Electricity Act & all other Statuary Rules, Regulations & Acts as available on date & during the period of Contract.
  • The contractor must have a 24X7 call centre with toll free number and escalation matrix of 3 levels.
  • The waste disposal is also carried out in a totally sealed manner without affecting the Environment.
  • The contractor shall employ a team of Electrical Engineer’s (Degree/Diploma) having at least 03 years of working experience with degree and 05 years of working experience with Diploma on UPS of or above 30 KVA rating.
  • Quantities mentioned in items of BOQ are taken on the basis of number of failures occurred in the past years, actual quantity of execution will depend on the number of actual failures occurred in lines and may vary from BOQ quantity.
  • These BOQ quantities/visits per year are minimum BOQ. If sufficient CM is not done then PM can be done to complete the minimum quantity/visit mentioned in BOQ per year.

Definitions of the Equipment:

  • The work site shall be Power Supply System PSS (Power Supply system), at 21 nos. Metro Stations (CCS Airport to Munshi Pulia) & 01 Depot (Transport Nagar Depot) of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation as detailed below:

Sr. No.


Rating in KVA


Transport Nagar Metro Depot (TPND)



Transport Nagar Metro Depot (TPND)



CCS Airport Metro Station (CCAP)



Amausi Metro Station (AMSM)



Transport Nagar Metro Station (TPNR)



Krishna Nagar Metro Station (KRNM)



Singar Nagar Metro Station (SGNG)



Alambagh Metro Station (ALMB)



Alambagh Bus Stand Metro Station (ABST)



Mawaiya Metro Station (MWYA)



Durgapuri Metro Station (DGPI)



Charbagh Metro Station (CHBG)



Hussainganj Metro Station (HSGJ)



Sachivalaya Metro Station (SHVA)



Hazratganj Metro Station (HZNJ)



KD Singh Babu Stadium Metro Station (KDSS)



Vishvavidalaya Metro Station (VSVM)



IT College Metro Station (ITC)



Badshah Nagar Metro Station (BSNM)



Lekhraj Market Metro Station (LHMT)



Bhootnath Metro Station (BTNT)



Indra Nagar Metro Station (IDNM)



Munshipuliya Metro Station (MSPA)



  • The tenderers will be qualified only if they satisfy the criteria as given in para A below during last seven years ending 31.03.2023 

Work Experience:

  • The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed work in India/abroad during last Seven years ending 31.03.2023 as given below:
    • At least One “similar work” of value of Rs. 5.84 lakhs or more, or
    • Two “similar work” each of value of Rs. 3.65 lakhs or more, or
    • Three “similar work” each of value of Rs 2.92 lakhs or more. 
  • Similar work for this contract shall be “Rate Contract/service Contract/ AMC for maintenance of the UPS system of rating 30 KVA or more” in the Central Govt./State Government Department, Defense, Police Department, Railways, Airports, Metro Stations/PSUs.

Tender documents can only be obtained online on the website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app 

Source: UPMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): UPMRC