Waterproofing For Outdoor Cable Connectors

One of the toughest challenges we face in outdoor cable connections is waterproofing.

The railways, across the entire country with thousands of kilometers of running tracks, faces all kind of natural phenomenon known to man, including floods, heavy rains, submerged railway tracks, which takes a toll on the signaling and control joints. If these connections are not secured correctly, they attract moisture and get rusted over time. Railways being the biggest links are very important to maintain, so it is in the best interest to use a permanent solution for all these joints.

We have come up with a very modern, robust and easy to use solution for these joints.

We manufacture soft resin based connectors, with durable Nylon PA66 bodies which can withstand high temperatures up-to 140 degrees. These connectors are very easy to install and once made, these connections can be submerged underwater for a lifetime.

The resin is an insulator with a very high dielectric strength. The soft resin will submerge the connection in itself and not let any moisture or water seep through.

We have a range of connectors for different wire thicknesses depending upon the requirement.

All our connectors are approved with IP68 and IK ratings, with both in-house and third party testing.

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This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.