South Western Railway: GM Shri Arvind Srivastava spearheads coordination meeting to tackle land acquisition challenges

Shri Arvind Srivastava, the General Manager of South Western Railway, attended a key coordination meeting with the Chief Secretary of the Government of Karnataka. The meeting focused on addressing critical issues such as railway land management, land acquisition for ongoing railway projects, ROB/RUBs and closure of LC gates, transmission line works by KPTCL for railway electrification projects, permits for loading Iron Ore, and other miscellaneous matters.

More Details:

In a proactive move to expedite railway projects and streamline land acquisition processes, General Manager of South Western Railway, Shri Arvind Srivastava attended a coordination meeting with the Chief Secretary of Karnataka at Bengaluru. The meeting focused o­n addressing critical issues related to railway land and the acquisition of land for o­ngoing railway projects in the state.

Image Credit: South Western Railway

Key Focus of the Meeting:

One of the primary agendas of the meeting was to discuss the challenges and progress concerning land acquisition for various o­ngoing new line projects i.e. Rayadurga – Tumkur to Kalyanadurga, Tumkur – Chitradurga – Davangere, Munirabad (Ginigera) – Raichur, Shivamogga – Shikaripura – Ranebennur,  Belgaum – Dharwad, Hassan – Belur. The General Manager emphasised the importance of acquiring land promptly to ensure the timely completion of these vital railway infrastructural developments.

  • During the discussion, the status of land acquisition for o­ngoing new line projects across Karnataka was reviewed.
  • The meeting provided an opportunity to identify bottlenecks and devise strategies to expedite the acquisition process effectively.
  • In his remarks, the GM reiterated the commitment of the Railways to collaborate closely with the state government to overcome any hurdles hindering the acquisition of land for railway projects.
  • He emphasised the significance of these projects in enhancing connectivity, facilitating economic growth, and improving the overall transportation infrastructure in the region.

Image Credit (representational): South Western Railway
  • He also discussed the various issues pertaining to the list of projects o­n priority where funds from government of Karnataka and railways are requested/deposited for o­ngoing Railway projects during 2024-25 and issues pertaining to transmission Line Works by KPTCL for railway electrification projects and Road Over Bridges/Road Under Bridges and closure of LC gates.
  • Later, the GM held a strategic meeting with construction officials at the construction office, Bengaluru.

Outcomes of the Meeting:

  • The Chief Secretary assured full support and cooperation from the Karnataka government in resolving land acquisition issues promptly.
  • He emphasised the importance of seamless coordination between various stakeholders to ensure the smooth progress of railway projects across the state.

Image Credit (representational): South Western Railway
  • They expressed their commitment to maintaining regular communication and coordination to address any emerging challenges promptly.
  • The meeting concluded with a renewed sense of determination to expedite land acquisition processes and ensure the timely completion of railway projects for the benefit of the people of Karnataka.


The coordination meeting marks a significant step towards expediting the progress of railway projects in Karnataka, with a strong focus on resolving the challenges of land acquisition through enhanced collaboration between South Western Railway and the state government.

Source: South Western Railway – Press Release | Featured Image Credit: South Western Railway