Indian Railways to become World’s first Green Railways in next 10 years

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Efforts are on to make Indian Railways the first Green Railways in the world in the next 10 years with steps like setting up solar energy installations on its unutilised land, electrification of tracks and moving to bio-diesel, Railway Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal told the Rajya Sabha recently.

More Information:

  • The Railways had set the target of 100% electrification of its tracks by 2022, he said during the Question Hour.
  • He informed the House that Railways was reducing its diesel cost inputs by electrifying its tracks on a large scale.
  • The railways will also produce solar energy on its vacant land.
  • He said,”Probably 10 years from now, can we make Indian Railways the world’s first 100 per cent Green Rail.”
  • The minister said,”We are trying to see how we can expand the solar energy on all the unutilised land of the Railways across the country, as it will save the land from encroachments. We are trying to produce power from such solar installations and feed that into the grid and use that for the Railways.”
  • The Railways was fast electrifying its tracks and was regularly bringing its diesel inputs down, he said.
  • Minister of State for Railways Angadi Suresh Channabasappa said,”By 2022, we are going to do full electrification of Railways.”
  • During 2013-14, the Railways has electrified 650 kms of track, while in 2017-18 it has electrified 4,000 plus kms and in 2018-19 Railways has electrified over 5200 kms, Mr. Goyal said.
  • He said when he became a minister, 50% trains coming to Delhi also were running on diesel and “we are now working to a plan that every train that comes to Delhi should come through electric traction in the very near future”.

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