Kerala Submits Preliminary Project Report For Constructing Semi High-Speed Rail Corridor Between Kasargod & Thiruvananthapuram To Railway Board

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Date Of Post: 02 Jan, 2018

Thiruvananthapuram: The state has mooted a plan to construct a semi-high speed rail corridor between Kasargod & Thiruvananthapuram (560 km), running above the existing railway line. The state has submitted the primary design of the plan to the Railway Board. By early estimates, this would cost around Rs 43,000 crore. Sources said, this is likely to be executed by KRDCL (Kerala Rail Development Corporation Ltd).

About The Project-

  • The current traffic overload on the existing rail track would be eased if the new project is commissioned.
  • Following the discussion between Shri Ashwani Lohani, Chairman, Railway Board & Kerala Chief Minister Shri Pinarayi Vijayan in October 2017, Lohani had given in-principle clearance to the project.
  • If the preliminary project report was submitted by December end, it was possible to include it in the pink book (annual plan document of Indian Railway), he had said.
  • Although the State had pitched for high-speed rail corridor, Railway Board had cited technical reasons & agreed to consider semi-high speed rail corridor.

KRDCL has has submitted three proposals:


  • A 560 km double rail track to the existing rail track.
  • This would cost Rs 23,000 crore.
  • However, because of the severe uneven geography, it is not fully practical to accomplish it.


  • A 560 km rail track would go parallel to the current track wherever possible & taking a skyrail alignment in the portion, where the terrain makes it tough to build rail tracks.
  • This would cost Rs 43,000 crore.


  • It would be to go for a new alignment.
  • For this, KRDCL would have to acquire land in the new alignment for the road below & doubled rail-track above on pillars.
  • For this, the cost would be Rs 46,000 crore.

Other Semi High Rail Projects planned in India:

  1. Chennai – Hyderabad (915 km)
  2. Delhi – Chandigarh (244 km)
  3. Delhi – Kanpur (441 km)
  4. Mumbai – Goa (606 km)
  5. Mysuru – Bengaluru – Chennai (495 km)
  6. Nagpur – Secunderabad (575 km)
  7. Delhi – Mumbai (1,386 km)
  8. Delhi – Kolkata (1,500 km)

Image Source: IANS

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