MahaMetro commissions ‘Pit Wheel Lathe’ (PWL) at MIHAN Rolling Stock Depot

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Nagpur: MahaMetro has successfully commissioned `Pit Wheel Lathe’ (PWL) at MIHAN Rolling Stock Depot. The machine is mainly used for maintenance purposes – an essential aspect of Metro working. Thus by commissioning this unit, Maha Metro Nagpur has significant breakthrough in set up of maintenance facilities required for the maintenance of Metro Trains.

While run there is always, possibilities remains of flat wheel, skidding and deformation of wheel profile hence wheel sets required to be re-profiled , this machine is easy in use and maintenance. Its design represents the highest level of wheel set machining technology. The machine high degree of use, precision, long service life, and minimal maintenance costs resulting ideal cost-effectiveness.

This pit wheel lathe machine is fully automatic for positioning, machining, and measuring processes. The wheel turning with CNC control and related set-up automatic makes it easy to change from one wheel profile to the next if required.

This machine is operated from a central control panel, which enables the operator to have constant access to all machine functions. During machining, the operator is protected from flying chips, smoke emitted from metal cutting. The automated machining takes most of the work from the operator’s hands, making the machine easy to operate.

Source: Nagpur Metro

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