Nagpur Metro Constructs `Vierendeel Truss’ at Sitabuldi Interchange station

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Sitabuldi is one of the busiest junctions in the middle of the city and any elevated interchange station between two corridors and construction work above such a congested road junction had to be an engineering challenge.

The challenge lied in designing the structure as much as it lied in managing the crowd. Sitabuldi Interchange is crucial for Nagpur Metro project as the two corridors cross each other there. The construction work above the road surface requires precision in planning and absolute competence in execution since even a minor error or oversight on the part of the designers and engineers may lead to disastrous results.

Thus, the most critical and challenging activity in construction was erecting central portion of station, which had to be constructed on exactly the busiest part of junction. It was a structural challenge also because of large span of 40m which had to take train loads of two lines above. The solution to this technical challenge was found in Vierendeel truss of 40m span.

The Vierendeel frame is a series of rectangular frames which achieves stability by the rigid connection of the vertical web members to the top and bottom chord. It is named after Arthur Vierendeel, a civil engineer, who also held the post of Director for the Ministry of Public Works in Belgium. He had designed the structure for the first time 1895 and was named after him.

This concrete truss (A truss is an assembly of beams or other elements that creates a rigid structure) was constructed in one go. Work on these is in the last stage of completion. The challenge was also to execute work without erecting a pillar at the centre in one of the busiest squares of the city.

Presence of a pillar is a hindrance in the smooth flow of traffic. Vierendeel Truss was solution to this challenge. By incorporating Vierendeel Truss in its project at one of the crucial junction, Maha Metro not just ensured stability but also incorporated a unique structure in its project.

Source: Nagpur Metro

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