Braithwaite invites bids for supply of CNC Hydraulic Press Break Machines

Braithwaite & Co. Limited has invited sealed Tenders in Two bid systems for Manufacture, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 2 Nos. CNC Hydraulic Press Break Machine at Braithwaite & Co. Limited, Kolkata Works, 5 Hide Road, Kolkata-700 043 as per scope of supply, technical specifications and terms & conditions of the tender.

  • Closing of tender Box: 10.09.2021
  • Opening of Part-I bid of the tender: 10.09.2021

Technical Specifications:

  • Tonnage capacity of the machine should be a minimum 400T (Capacity in KN 4000).
  • Bending Length min. 4000 mm, of thickness 16 mm MS.
  • Hydraulic pump  motor required for the same is 30 KW( min.), 3Ph. 400V, 50-60 Hz, Make: ABB/SIEMENS/CROMPTON GREAVES.
  • Hydraulic Rotary Vane/ Piston Pump: Make: Veljan, Parker, Danfoss,Yuken (UK) or equivalent.
  • Solenoid Valves Make: Yuken (UK),PARKER HANNIFIN or equivalent.
  • Approach Speed 50 MM/Sec (min), Working Speed 7 MM/Sec(min.), Return Speed         50 MM/Sec (min.). Stroke length should be a minimum 350 MM.
  • Minimum Throat gap required 400MM
  • Solid and Rigid frame designed ensuring minimum deflection even during full load operation.
  • Machine design should be based on Synchronized by reference (SBR) principle with Y1-Y2 beam control.
  • Continuous monitoring of the press beam by monitoring system required.
  • Electronic scales should be fixed on either side of the press beam regarding the actual position of the press beam with respect to the table.
  • Press beam depth accuracy required with high repeatability.
  • Direct-angle programming and multiple angle bending in a particular profile feature required.
  • System should be capable of calculating exact force required for the job.
  • Beam tilting is available up to ±10mm for the machine tonnage up to 110 ton and above 150 ton will be with ±2mm as standard feature.
  • Body structure material: Mild steel.
  • Guide roller material:EN-31 or better.
  • Penal board (contactor timer, relay etc.): Make:Siemens, ABB, Schneider.
  • Working Table: Make OEM shall be attached with a machine of min width 1000mm.

Standard features and accessories of the Machine:

  • Accurate Clearance Adjustment. 
  • CNC System includes-X Axis Auto, Rake Angle Auto, Stroke Counter Meter. 
  • Stroke Counter Meter in Front Panel & Flexible sheet support. 
  • Low noise & Smooth Operation so that to get higher efficiency from the operator.
  • Duel Proximity sensor/Fiessler/DSP Laser safety system.
    • Controller:
      • 2D Graphical touch screen programming.
      • High Resolution Colour TFT.
      • Bend sequence calculator required.
      • Crowning control.
      • Storage capacity required.
      • USB, peripheral interfacing.
    • Back gauge System:
      • X Axis Back gauge
      • 2 Back gauge finger
      • Double Guide Rod required
    • Standard Accessories:
      • CNC Anti deflection system
      • Front support arms
      • Foot control pedal with emergency switch   
      • Side guard & Rear guard
    • Tools Specification: 
      • Standard top tool and V Block
      • 0 bending toll and 60 bending tool 01 no. Set.
      • Interchangeable: Four Edge
      • Material: EN Series
    • Installation of machine, working table and stalls: 
      • The party has to install the machine, the working table and approximate 2M width 15M long Roller stall on the constructed foundation. 
      • Party has to supply and install the same in the new foundation. 
      • The cost incurred for such dismantling and reinstallation has to be borne by the party. 
    • Installation, Testing, Trial operation and Commissioning: 
      • The job has to be executed by the party under the supervision of an experienced Engineer starting from the supply of material, assembly job, construction of civil foundation, installation of the machine, installation of platform/ table and stall  structure alignment of Machine with table and stall etc. 
      • The whole job shall be monitored by the party’s site Engineer on a day to day basis to avoid faults and flaws during construction and installation.  
      • After installation, testing, commissioning and trial operation the hearing machine  whole Machine.  
      • All functional operations have to be tested and recorded in front of BCL’s representative.  
      • During trial operation (at least for 7days) you have to demonstrate all functions and the art of operation of the machine to BCL’s operators, those who will operate the machine in future for production job. 
      • You have to collect necessary operational results during this period and the same to be recorded. 
      • Final commissioning will be given on the basis of all such records and documents.

BCL’s Scope of support towards the execution of the job:

  • BCL shall provide available 5Ton/ 10Ton EOT Cranes for unloading of equipment, raw materials etc.
  • BCL shall provide safe storage space at the time of construction.
  • BCL shall provide Hydraulic jack, welding machine, Gas Cutter during Erection on need basis.
  • BCL shall provide necessary temporary water lines up to Construction site.
  • BCL shall provide necessary Power near to construction for Welding, Cutting, and Lighting etc.
  • BCL shall provide necessary Gate pass for contractor’s workmen, supervisor, equipment, raw materials etc.

Maintenance Spares: 

  • The party has to supply one complete set -one set seals for main cylinder and one set Hydraulic Hose and one set control valve seal.

About Braithwaite & Co. Limited:

  • Braithwaite was established in 1913 as the Indian Subsidiary of Braithwaite & Co. Engineers Limited (U.K.), for undertaking fabrication of Structural Steel Works. 
  • The Clive works in Calcutta commenced manufacture of wagons for Indian Railways from 1934.
  • In the meanwhile the Company was incorporated in erstwhile Bengal as Braithwaite & Co (India) Ltd on February 28, 1930. 
  • In 1960 Braithwaite’s Angus Works located at Bhadreswar, Dist. Hooghly was set up for manufacture of Cranes, Foundry products, Machinery Components etc. 
  • The Project Division at Calcutta was established in 1978 to execute turnkey projects for material handling plants. 
  • In 1987 Victoria Works was taken over, which is equipped with all facilities for manufacture of Pressure Vessels, Railway Wagons and Heavy Structurals for Bridges and other engineering applications.
  • Braithwaite & Co Limited was registered and incorporated on 1st December 1976 as a fully owned Govt. of India Undertaking. 
  • The company today has three units-Clive Works, Victoria Works both in Calcutta and Angus Works (in Hooghly District), West Bengal. With effect from 6th August, 2010 the administrative control of the company has been taken over by the Ministry of Railways.

Bidders who are interested to participate in the tender may also download the tender document from our Website ‘

Source: Braithwaite & Co. Limited-Tender | Image Credit (representational): Braithwaite & Co. Limited