S.C. Railway Update: Doubling of rail line completed between Gooty – Pendekallu in Andhra Pradesh

The Ministry of Railways has sanctioned the doubling of the railway line between Gooty – Pendekallu railways stations in Andhra Pradesh. The project stretching for a distance of 29.2 kms has been accorded special sanction at an estimated cost of Rs. 351.8 Crores.

More Details:

  • The Ministry of Railways has given special emphasis towards creation of infrastructure, with several development works being taken in the recent past. O­ne of the focus areas for Indian Railways has been doubling of critical and saturated sections for improving the mobility of the trains. Taking o­ne more crucial step in this direction.
  • The Gooty – Pendekallu section is o­ne of the critical sections in Guntakal Division of South Central Railway handling trains particularly between Secunderabad / Hyderabad and Bengaluru railway stations.

  • The section plays an important role in connecting these both cities & beyond as the most of the trains pass through this section. Over the years, this section has witnessed steady increase in both passenger and freight trains leading to saturation of the section.
  • Doubling of this section will not o­nly ease the train movements and improve operational efficiency but will also provide opportunity to introduce more trains into this section.
  • Indian Railways has already sanctioned Doubling of railway lines between Pendekallu – Guntur sections as part of the Guntakal – Guntur Doubling project, for which works are already in progress.
  • Similarly, another critical section in the region i.e., Gooty – Dharmavaram has also been converted into a double line section recently. As such, doubling of the 29.2 kms railway line between Gooty – Pendekallu railway stations will enable seamless movement of trains along the double lines between Hyderabad / Secunderabad and Bengaluru and beyond in both directions.

  • The doubling of this critical section along with the other doubling projects being taken up simultaneously in the region will aid in the socio-economic development of the regions. The industry in the region will benefit with faster movement of freight trains, while passengers can benefit with the increase in the average speed of trains in the sections.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, South Central Railway has said that doubling of Gooty – Pendekallu will bridge the vital section in the region with other double lines networks in the division. He said that this will help in decongestion of this critical section and provide an opportunity to operate more trains in these sections. He stated that both passenger and freight customers will benefit from doubling this section.

Source: South Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: South Central Railway