S.C. Railway’s Secunderabad Division to start a new Gati Shakti Multi Modal Cargo Terminal at Gadchendur Station

Secunderabad Division of South Central Railway has decided to start a new Gati Shakti Multi Modal Cargo Terminal (GCT) at Gadchendur Station. This Gati Shakti Cargo Terminal will be constructed entirely o­n Railway Land.

More Details:

  • The tender has been awarded for the same at the cost of Rs 15.2 Crores to M/s Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited.
  • Gati-Shakti Multi Modal Cargo Terminal (GCT) policy has been introduced by Indian Railways with a view to boost investment from industry in development of additional terminals for handling Rail cargos.
  • These terminals will ease the handling of freight commodities for transportation by Rail with enhanced facilities duly providing safe and secure transportation.
  • Under this policy, apart from new sidings, the under-construction and existing private sidings/terminals can also migrate to convert as Gati-Shakti Multi Modal Cargo Terminal.
  • The scope of the construction of GCT involves Laying of additional line, Concreting of surface, Electronic in motion Weigh Bridge, provision of Hamali Rest Room, Covered shed, Approach Road, Water supply arrangements, Installation of computerised working i.e., FOIS & TMS, Electrification of additional lines, Highmast lighting etc.
  • The period of contract is 35 years and the maintenance of GCT will be by M/s Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited/Chandrapur for the said period. No terminal charges shall be levied o­n cargo for which GCTO himself is the consignor and /or consignee.
  • Maintenance and operations of assets like track, signal and telecom, over-head equipment and staff costs shall be borne by the Railways.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, SCR has congratulated Secunderabad Division Officials for materialising the proposal for construction of Gati Shakti Cargo Terminal at Gadchendur Station. He also stated that the cement companies located around Gadchendur and Chandrapur area will be most beneficial with this move as the transportation by Rail will be safer, easier and the most comfortable option.

Source: South Central Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR