Shri Anurag Jain, Secretary of MoHUA along with senior officials led inspection of Bhopal Metro priority corridor

Shri Anurag Jain, Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), alongside Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL), and other senior officials, recently inspected the ongoing development of the Bhopal Metro’s priority corridor.

More Details:

The Bhopal Metro rail project has 2 lines with 28 stations comprising Orange Line from Karond Circle to AIIMS and Blue Line from Bhadbhada Square to Ratnagiri Tiraha is an under construction transit system being built to serve Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh state, by the Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL).


The Government of Madhya Pradesh with its vision 2018 has decided to upgrade the quality of life in its capital city Bhopal by providing a highly efficient and comfortable state of art urban rail system. The planned metro rail will provide a comfortable, fast and attractive transport system to the people of Bhopal with its station areas as livable, clean and beautiful places to transit and to meet various people, contributing positively to the environment and improved social life.

Key Features:

  • Bhopal metro rail system is based on steel – wheel-technology and uses standard gauge track of 1435 mm. The system shall be designed for a maximum operational speed of 90 Kph.
  • The AIIMS – Karond Circle (Orange Line) metro line runs in the North – South direction and is 16.564 km in length. It starts at AIIMS, Alkapuri Road, HBJ Station, Jinsi Road, Pool Bogda Road, Railway Station, GPO Road, Berasiya Road to the terminal at Karond Circle. There are a total of 16 stations along Orange Line, of which 14 are elevated and 2 are underground stations.

Benefits from the Project:

The metro rail project is expected to yield benefits resulting from the safe and smart mass transport such as less travel time, and better accessibility, reliability and availability at any time leading to peace of mind and freedom with seamless movement and high quality of life. The expected benefits of the project include:

  • Employment opportunities due to construction, operation and maintenance
  • City aesthetic and image due to location, design and construction
  • Reduction in traffic congestion
  • Reduction in travel time with high service level
  • Reduction in accident
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction of GHG emission
  • Air pollution reduction
  • Economic prosperity
  • Optimality in transportations

The above environmental as well as economic and social benefits contribute to enhancing the efficiency and competence of the city leading to attracting more investments in economic and business activities and creating high quality of life. The implementation of the project therefore will definitely be advantageous to improve the environmental quality of the Bhopal City and for achieving its all-round economic development and progress.

Key Presence During Inspection:

Shri Anurag Jain, Secretary, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) along with Shri Neeraj Mandloi, PS, UD, Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL), Shri Harender Narayan, Commissioner-BMC, and senior officer’s MPM conducted inspection and review the ongoing development of Bhopal Metro priority corridor, travelling from SBN station to RKMP station via metro train.

Source: MPMRC | Images Credit: Bhopal Metro

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