K-RIDE invites bids for signalling and telecommunication utility shifting from Yelahanka Junction to Devanahalli Stations of Bangalore Division

Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE) has invited Bids from eligible Bids, for Signalling and Telecommunication utility shifting in BSRP Corridor-1 from Yelahanka Junction to Devanahalli Stations of Bangalore Division.

  • Tender Reference Number: K-RIDE/BSRP/20/2023
  • Name of Work: Signalling and Telecommunication utility shifting in BSRP Corridor-1 from Yelahanka Junction to Devanahalli Stations of Bangalore Division.
  • Approx. Value of Work: INR 17,18,86,293 Crore
  • EMD: INR 17,18,863 Lakh
  • Period of Work: 18 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 05th June, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 06th July, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 05th June, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 06th July, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 07th July, 2023

Scope of Work:

  • The proposed work is in connection with the BSRP work between YelahankaDevanahalli: “S&T utility shifting BSRP Corridor-1 tender from Yelahanka Jn. to Devanahalli stations of Bangalore division.”
  • This work is taken up in order to facilitate civil work for construction of BSRP corridor-1.


  • This is part of the project for BSRP work between Yelahanka -Devanahalli section of Bangalore Division.
  • The scope of work includes signalling and telecommunication works Outdoor activities for shifting cables to facilitate BSRP work. The proposed work will be taken up in a phased manner and may involve 2 to 3 interim stage modifications.

Details of Work:

  • Approaches to the project site: The land acquired for the project caters for construction and operation of the proposed line. The contractor shall plan for approach roads to various sites of work conducting detailed surveys and should include the cost of inputs for any such approach roads in his bid for the work.
  • However, in case any existing road outside railway land has to be utilized for transportation of materials to the site of work and in the process the road gets damaged or needs to be strengthened and the authority owning the said road submits demand to GM(S&T) / K RIDE to carry out some specific works in order to strengthen/repair the road, GM(S&T) / K RIDE shall get such works executed through the existing contractor or any other agency and make payment for such work.
  • Designing and documentation including completion documents of signalling and telecom drawings for cable shifting work
  • Removal of S&T infringements or shifting of signalling gears like LC gates, location boxes, signals, cables etc. and telecom gears like cables, EC post etc. to facilitate the progress of earth work and bridge work for Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project (BSRP) Corridor-4
  • Outdoor work of trenching and laying of cables, foundation for signals, location boxes, etc. wiring of location boxes, signal units, points machines, track circuits, axle counter jointing of signalling cables, earthing, RE protection, erection of electrical lifting barrier, painting and lettering of all outdoor gears, releasing of all outdoor gears.
  • The above is not an exhaustive list covering all the works to be done under this Tender. Major works only have been listed for guidance.
  • Inspection of S & T Work 2.4.6 The execution is required to be carried as per standard specifications of K-RIDE. However, specifications, drawings and other details mentioned in BOQ or in special conditions, wherever applicable will prevail over the standard specifications.
  • The Signal & Telecom material to be supplied by the contractor as per RDSO Specifications/ Drawings will have to be procured from approved Vendors appearing in Vendor Directories of RDSO and to be supplied duly inspected by RDSO. In case where no manufacturers are available in approved vendors list issued by RDSO, procurement may be done through the firms included in RDSO Vendors for Developmental order as per Railway Board’s letter No. 99/RS(G)709/1 dated 18.11.2016 and 2001/RS(G)/779/7 PT 1 dated 29.06.2017.
  • In case of signalling relays, 20% of requirement of each type of relay can be procured from RDSO approved vendors for developmental order as per Railway Board’s letter no. 2001/RS(G)/779/7 Pt 2 dated 25.06.2018.
  • For procurement through RDSO Vendors for Developmental order, prior approval of K-RIDE’s Engineer shall be obtained.
  • The Signal & Telecom material to be supplied by the contractor as per TEC/DOT/BSNL specification will have to be procured form DOT/TEC approved firms. The inspection of such items will however be carried out by RDSO provided the value is more than value stipulated in the inspection policy of RDSO.
  • In case the contractor is supplying imported equipment from an approved manufacturer, then in addition to the manufacturer’s test certificate, such equipment shall be inspected by RDSO.
  • Signal & Telecom items not inspected by RDSO/ RITES for any reason will be inspected by the Engineer / Authorized Representatives of K-RIDE. In case of any difficulty in inspection, K-RIDE may decide the authority of inspection, either by any other Govt. agency or by consignee.
  • Whenever materials are inspected by Authorised Representatives of the K-RIDE/Engineer, the contractor will be required to furnish his or manufacturer’s Guarantee Certificate.
  • The K-RIDE shall have full power to reject any material that it may consider defective or inferior in quality, workmanship, or otherwise not in accordance with the Specification and the KRIDE’s decision shall be final, even though they might have been inspected by RDSO/RITES.
  • The contractor shall remove forthwith any such material rejected and replace them promptly at his own cost. Inspected and accepted material, if damaged during transit, shall be replaced by the contractor free of cost prior to installation.
  • Inspection Charges of RDSO and RITES will be borne by the Contractor. In case of Change of Inspection from RDSO/RITES to K-RIDE/Consignee,1% of cost of material to be deducted by K-RIDE, as Inspection Charges.
  • Items included in the list of items to be inspected by RDSO & RITES and are not inspected by RDSO/RITES for any reason whatsoever and will be inspected by the Authorized Representatives of K-RIDE.
  • The following conditions will apply:
    • Material conforming to RDSO spec/drg is procured from RDSO approved source
    • Contractor shall submit Manufacturer’s Guarantee Certificate for the material.
    • All such cases where change in agency of inspection other than mentioned in the schedule is required will be processed for specific approval of competent authority.


Similar work is defined as below:

  • Execution of any signalling works (EI/RRI/PI/Auto block signalling/IBS/IBH) either outdoor or indoor or both.
  • The contract is considered as completed if 80% or more of the work is physically completed which is to be substantiated by a certificate from the Employer who has awarded the contract to the Bidder and the contract amount so received should be equal to or more than the minimum value as per eligibility criteria 3.2 (b).
  • For completed works, the value of work done shall be updated to FY 2022-23 price level assuming 10% inflation for Indian rupees every year. Credentials if submitted in foreign currency shall be converted into Indian currency i.e., Indian Rupee as under: Bids will be compared to Indian Rupees only.
  • This will be achieved by conversion of the Foreign Currency portion of the Bid into Indian Rupees by using the Exchange Rates published by Financial Benchmarks India Pvt. Ltd. 28 (twenty-eight) days before the latest date of Bid submittal, and then adding the same to the Indian Rupee portion of the Bid.
  • In case this particular day happens to be a holiday, the exchange rate published by Financial Benchmarks India Pvt. Ltd (www.fbil.org.in) on the next working day will be considered.
  • In case of JV/Consortium, full value of the work, if done by the same JV shall be considered. However, if qualifying work (s) done by them in a JV/Consortium having different constituents, then the value of work as per their percentage participation in such JV/Consortium shall be considered.

The complete documents can be downloaded from https://eproc.karnataka.gov.in

Source: K-RIDE- Tender | Image Credit (representational): K-RIDE