LMRC Takes Proactive Actions To Reduce Air Pollution

Metro is taking pro-active actions to curb air pollution in the capital city of Lucknow these days. These actions are a part of the ongoing environmental drive that the company is taking towards Lucknow making the city pollution-free for the public.

In this connection, water sprinkling, brooming, Road washing by water tankers and cleaning of dust particulates are going on continuously to reduce the dust near the construction sites of Lucknow Metro.

Water sprinkling is being carried out on any loose soil, materials and any other possible dust generating activities to control the fugitive dust emission at the various construction sites near Munsipuliya Area, HAL, Bhootnath and Polytechnic Yard / Polytechnic Government School.

The excavated dry soil is being kept properly covered with tarpaulin. Green nets are used at all possible (Batching Plant) locations to avoid emission of dust into atmosphere.

Lucknow Metro is taking these measures on regular basis to reduce the pollution and make the environment clean and green.

Image Credit : Lucknow Metro

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