NHSRCL MD Shri Vivek Kumar Gupta oversees Bullet Train project developments in Gujarat

Shri Vivek Kumar Gupta, MD of NHSRCL has recently conducted a thorough review of the ongoing construction and manufacturing efforts for the Bullet Train project across various sites in Gujarat. His inspection covered key components of the project including track bases, bridges, and station construction in several major cities.

More Details:

On Day 1, Shri Vivek Kumar Gupta, MD/NHSRCL, reviewed the track construction base and the Track Slab Manufacturing Facility (TSMF) in Surat, Gujarat, to assess the track construction progress for the bullet train project. The J-Slab track system for high speed rail is being made in India for the first time. He also inspected the ongoing progress at the Narmada River Bridge.

On Day 2, He continued his inspection program by reviewing the track construction base and the Track Slab Manufacturing Facility (TSMF) in Anand, Gujarat, to assess the progress of the Bullet Train project. He also visited the steel bridge and river bridge sites in Anand, as well as the under-construction Bullet Train stations in Anand and Vadodara.

What is Track Slab Manufacturing Facility:

  • The Track Slab Manufacturing Facility is fully automated with a Concrete Distribution System.
  • The facility spans over an area of 1 lakh square metre and houses state-of-the-art technology for production of 45,000 precast track slabs for MAHSR project.
  • The entire facility has been constructed within eight months from its inception of civil works.
  • 60 high-precision moulds have been procured and installed in the facility which can produce 60 track slabs per day.

  • Approximately 200 track slabs are required per track kilometre. The facility can store up to 9000 track slabs to facilitate seamless track installation.
  • There are various ancillary facilities to support the production of slabs like fully automated rebar processing machines, Rebar Yard for cage fabrication, RO plant, Boiler plant, Curing ponds, Electric overhead travelling (EOT) cranes, Gantry Cranes, etc.
  • The EOTs & Gantries at major facilities like Production Shed, Rebar Shed, Store ensures a mechanised handling of track slab components. The fully automated facility will produce track slabs for 116 km of double line High Speed Rail track for MAHSR Corridor
  • Another track slab manufacturing facility is being created at Kim Village near Surat dist. in Gujarat for track slab construction for 236 km of MAHSR corridor in Gujarat.

The inspections conducted by Shri Vivek Kumar Gupta demonstrate the dedicated work and cutting-edge technology integration that have gone into the Bullet Train project. This indicates that increased connectivity and economic growth through high-speed rail infrastructure in India are anticipated.

Source: NHSRCL | Images Credit: NHSRCL

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