Product Expertise: Offering top-notch hydraulic products and services in order to always provide the most value

Aeroboom corporation is a prominent producer and supplier of hydraulic tools and machinery for many industrial applications.

To offer our consumers the greatest goods and services, we have partnered with businesses all around the world. We have facilities all around the world, along with sales and customer service representatives.

Our hydraulic equipment is produced in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008, ANSI B30.1, and OHSAS 18001: 2008 standards, as part of a worldwide quality assurance programme that continuously monitors administration, management, manufacturing, and production control. This makes our high- quality products, which you can depend on at all times, reliable and dependable.

We operate in all India’s states as well as the Union Territory. The Indian Railways, RDSO, NTPC, NHPC, SAIL, ONGC, IOCL, BHEL, ISRO, SHAR, Uranium Corp, Tata Group, Reliance Group, L&T, Essar, Nayara, Adani Group, Military Companies, etc. are just a few of our illustrious clients.

We have over 15 partnerships with foreign companies, including those in the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. We have a team of more than 50 people, the most of them have been with us for 15 to 25 years.

From electric part supplier to being the Managing Director Mr. Sanjay Jain has played shepherd and sentinel while guiding the Aeroboom into a new age, and he has done it in his own distinctive style. His diligence, perseverance, and commitment have made him a top provider of hydraulic tools and equipment in South East Asia, including Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, and Bangladesh.

Range of Products: 

  • Bolting Solutions
  • Hydraulic Cylinders  
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Accessories
  • Hydraulic Lifting Systems
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Hydraulic Pullers
  • Induction Heaters
  • Pipe Benders & Steel

  • Alignment Tools
  • Crimping Tools 
  • Cutting Tools 
  • Flange Alignment Tools
  • Rescue Tools  
  • Spring Balancers
  • Aerial Work Platforms 
  • Mobile Service Van
  • Material Handling Equipments
  • Centralized Lubrication System
  • Portable Machine Tools
  • Non Sparking Tools                                     
  • EOT & Jib Cranes                            


  • More than 3 decades of experience.
  • High standards of quality, first-rate customer service, cost-effective operations, and prioritising fulfilling client needs all help businesses compete more successfully and generate more revenue.
  • Creating beneficial partnerships and sharing in the value chain benefits together with our industry partners.
  • By utilising our domain knowledge, skills, and resources to expand our product range and supply capabilities across all of our businesses, we aim to become a major global company with a commanding market share.

Our Collaboration with Railways: 

Since the beginning, India’s railways have been a significant consumer, contributing 15 to 20% of  our annual revenue. Railways have contributed to our growing top and bottom lines.  We have  created specialised and customised railway products, and we have a dedicated team working on railway projects. The railway industry is currently booming, and with the success of the bullet train and the govern-ment’s several new penalties for large projects, we are thrilled with the development. Our growth is largely correlated with the expansion of the railways.  

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