RailTel invites bids for execution of last mile Optical Fibre Cable laying through HDD method

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RailTel Corporation of India Ltd. (RailTel), Eastern Region has invited open e-bids in two packet single stage system from established contractors with proven experience for the work of “Execution of Last Mile Optical Fibre Cable laying through HDD method at ITR Balasore, PXE Chandipur and DRDO unit, Gadabbanagar (Odisha) including associated work and supply of allied materials for RailTel Corporation of India Limited, Eastern Region”

  • e-Tender Notice No.: RCIL_ER_2021-22_1268
  • Completion period of the work: 45 days
  • Estimated cost: INR. 1.42 Crore
  • Earnest Money Deposit: INR. 3.36 Lakh
  • Start Date for downloading the Tender: 09.04.2021
  • Closing Date for downloading the Tender: 10.05.2021
  • Closing date for Submission of e-Bids: 10.05.2021
  • Date of opening of e-Bids: 10.05.2021

Scope of work:

The Engineering instructions spelt out in this tender document deal with the methods to be adopted for underground Optical Fiber Cable laying in PLB HDPE ducts and termination of OFC cable at both ends. The broad responsibility of the contractor under the scope is route survey laying of OFC cable for this tender shall be as under:

  • Cable Route survey of the area and preparation of tentative cable route plan.
  • Execution HDD and laying of HDPE Duct in all types of soils, Bridges/Culverts/Nallah, Road/Rail crossing etc. & protective works as per technical specifications.
  • Blowing/pulling of Optical Fiber Cable with proper tools and accessories as per Technical specifications.
  • Installation of Jointing Chambers & cable loop chamber & Route/ Joint Indicators as per technical specification/drawing.
  • Splicing of fibers in Joint closures and Fibre Management System placing of finished joint in Jointing Chamber, closing of joint chamber.
  • End to end Testing & Submission of test results, preparation of final cable route diagrams of route.
  • Transportation of cable and HDPE duct & OFC cable including loading and unloading from RailTel/Railway store to site of work.

Execution of Works:

  • Contractor’s understanding: It is understood and agreed that the Contract has, by careful examination, satisfied himself as to the nature and location of the work, the conformation of the ground, the character, quality and quantity of the materials to be encountered, the character of equipment and facilities needed preliminary to and during the progress of the works, the general and local conditions, the labour conditions prevailing therein and all other matters which can in any way affect the works under the contract.
  • Commencement of works: The Contractor shall commence the works within 15 days after the receipt by him of an order in writing to this effect from the RailTel and shall proceed with the same with due expedition and without delay. The work should be started with due intimation to RailTel.
  • Accepted programme of work: The Contractor who has been awarded the work shall as soon as possible but not later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the acceptance letter in respect of contracts with initial completion period of one year or less or not later than 15 days for other contracts have to submit the detailed programme of work indicating the time schedule of various items of works in the form of Bar Chart/PERT/CPM. He shall also submit the details of organization (in terms of labour and supervisors) plant and machinery that he intends to utilize (from time to time) for execution of the work within stipulated date of completion. The programme of work amended as necessary by discussions with the Engineer, shall be treated as the agreed programme of the work for the purpose of this contract and the contractor shall and endeavor to fulfill this programme of work. The progress of work will be watched accordingly and the liquidated damages will be with reference to the overall completion date. Nothing stated herein shall preclude the contractor in achieving earlier completion of item or whole of the works than indicated in the programme.
  • Setting out of works: The Contractor shall be responsible for the correct setting out of all works in relation to original reference at his cost. The Contractor shall execute the work true to specifications, drawings, plans and dimensions as mentioned in the contract document and as directed by the Engineer’s representative and shall check these at frequent intervals. The Contractor shall provide all facilities like labour and instruments and shall cooperate with the Engineer’s representative at all time, during the progress of the works. Any error shall appear or arise in any part of the work, the Contractor, on being required to do so by the Engineer’s representative shall, at his own rectify such errors, to the satisfaction of the Engineer’s representative. Such checking shall not absolve the Contractor of his own responsibility of maintaining accuracy in the work.

Tender Notice and Tender Document are available on RailTel’s website and can be downloaded from www.railtelindia.com or from the e-Tendering portal https://www.ireps.gov.in.

About RailTel:

RailTel, a “Mini Ratna (Category-I)” Central Public Sector Enterprise is an ICT provider and one of the largest neutral telecom infrastructure providers in the country owning a Pan-India optic fiber network on exclusive Right of Way (ROW) along Railway track. The OFC network covers all important towns & cities of the country and several rural areas.

  • Presently, the optic fiber network of RailTel covers over 55,000 route kilometers and covers 5,677 railway stations across towns and cities in India.
  • RailTel is an ISO certified company. 
  • Its operations are certified with various certifications including ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and CMMI Level-4 for its quality management systems, information security management systems, and service management systems, respectively RailTel has a strategic relationship with the Indian Railways and it undertakes a wide variety of projects including provision of mission critical connectivity services such as video surveillance system at stations and within trains, ‘e-Office’ services and implementing short haul connectivity between stations and long haul connectivity to support various organizations within the Indian Railways. 
  • RailTel also undertakes various passenger services including content on demand services and Wi-Fi across major railway stations in India.

Source: RailTel – Tender | Image Credit: RailTel

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