Lucknow Metro equipped with latest Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) system to avoid collision

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Date of post: 11 Jan, 2019

To prevent any collision, Lucknow Metro trains have been provided with the latest state-of-the-art Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) system for automatic braking. Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) said that the signaling system has automatic train supervision facility to prevent any collision.

More Information:

  • The system has automatic route setting and automatic train regulation to supervise the train movement continuously and optimise it in case of abnormalities, he said.
  • The LMRC has successfully commenced the signalling and integrated testing trials by moving the metro train up to Munshipulia area, the MD said.
  • He said, “The signalling testing is also being verified and validated by an international Independent Safety Assessor (ISA).”
  • The integrated testing and trials are for smooth operation of the trains having an interface with signalling, telecommunication, track, and traction, Keshav explained.
  • With this remarkable achievement, the Lucknow Metro has taken another notable step in keeping with the title of the country’s fastest metro project, he said.
  • Keshav said that the LMRC already has the distinction of completing the priority section in shortest possible time in the country till date.
  • The progress of the project for balance section is also fast moving in creating another milestone in a very short span, he added.
  • The Lucknow Metro on Wednesday successfully completed a trial run on the remaining section of its North-South corridor and is likely to become operational by February, 2 months ahead of the April deadline.
  • The 23-km stretch will have 21 metro stations and the maximum fare will be Rs 60.
  • At present, it takes around 90 minutes to reach from Munshipulia to the airport, but once the route is operational, the distance will be covered in 40 minutes, the LMRC said in a release.

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